So I was wondering…

…how many rich, right wing, “big oil sympathetic” Republicans are standing out in the incessantly dumping rain today at the US Open?

Out of all those rich, right wing, “big oil sympathetic” Republicans, how many of them are still utterly convinced that global warming is a myth?

Credo has a nice action page for communicating with Congress about the upcoming Global Warming bill, which Republicans and complicit Democrats are trying to nerf.

And as usual, the Germans are both better informed and give more of a shit than anyone here…

Whether you’re a right wing GOP global warming denier or a complicit and corrupt Democrat in the pay of the carbon-based “things that go boom” companies, Chlorosilane has a nice “golf clap” for you today. Way to quite literally piss into the wind, geniuses. You get the heaven you need.


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