Scientists warn: Farmed fish possibly = mad cow disease

Scientist Warns that Farmed Fish Could be a Source of Mad Cow Disease

In a paper that shows just how strange our modern world has become, Robert P. Friedland, neurologist from the University of Louisville, warns that farmed fish could be at risk of Creutzfeldt Jakob disease, or mad cow disease.

Currently, farmed fish are fed cow byproducts-a food source they would never find natural environment (unless society started dumping cow carcasses in oceans or lakes).

Friedland and co-authors raise the issue in the Journal of Alzhemier’s Disease and call on food regulators to ban feeding cow bone or meat to farmed fish until it can be determined if the practice of feeding fish cow-parts is safe.

“We have not proven that it’s possible for fish to transmit the disease to humans. Still, we believe that out of reasonable caution for public health, the practice of feeding rendered cows to fish should be prohibited,” Friedland said. “Fish do very well in the seas without eating cows.”

Great, just another thing to avoid.  Pretty soon it seems we’ll all be starving out of a vain attempt to eat only good clean food.

This latest is from The Organic Consumers Association, and I heartly recommend everyone sign up for their e-mail service, where you can learn about these sorts of things, seeing as how they are completely unreported in the mainstream Corporate Mouthpiece Media.

For instance, check this out, from the same e-mail today:


The average child gets 5+ servings of pesticides in their food and water each day.

The pesticide Atrazine is so toxic it is banned in Europe, but it is used so widely in the U.S., that it is found in 71% of the U.S. drinking water.

Currently, over 400 pesticides can be legally used in the U.S. For example, apples can be sprayed up to 16 times with 36 different pesticides. None of these chemicals are present in organic foods.

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, organophosphate pesticides (OP) are now found in the blood of 95% of Americans tested, and the levels are twice as high in blood samples taken from children. Exposure to OPs is linked to hyperactivity, behavior disorders, learning disabilities, developmental delays and motor dysfunction.

Good to know, huh?   I mean, it’s depressing as all hell, but good to know.

I’m not even sure what else to add to this.  Be careful out there.  🙂  Your government is NOT on your side, whether Democrat or Republican.   It’s buyer beware.  


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  1. From ground up cow brains, to mercury laden ocean fish, to all the GMOs, the planet is so polluted by intent and accident it makes me worry at the safety of the genetic codes of all the world’s species. Add the thinner ozone and the genetic damage it is doing, and it seems to me that the planet is going to go through a period of very rapid genetic mutation. Not all of it benefical of course, a lot of 6 legged, 2 headed frogs to come, but there will be a balance found somewhere down the line. Please don’t infere that I condone or forgive the intentional desecration of the planet’s genome, but I do think that in the long run (maybe millions of years, maybe decades)  fecund Life will once again be the rule.

    That being said, I really appreciate this essay Inky, important information to know. The best bit is the link to the Organic Consumers Association. Signing up.

    In a simular vein, I am going to get a subscription to Dr. Johathon V. Wright’s “Nutrition & Healing”. I’ve just read the 20 some page promo booklet that appeared out the blue in my mail box, and nothing more, but enough bells rang that I figure that it it is worth a year’s subscription to check it out. His view that nutrition and mineral suppliments are nearly all that is necessary, and he hates and attacks big pharma constantly.

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