New music for a revolution?

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There is an element within the opposition to the current regime that has nothing to do with Mousavi, (or in fact, any of the present leadership), who want a secular, democratic and free Iran.

I have no idea how widespread it is or how many feel this way, but it’s certainly a different “flow” on the factions at work within the Sea of Green than what I’ve been gleaning from the MSM, tweets and HuffPo-DailyDish-Facebook-niacINsight torrent.

Some interesting commentary from the YouTube site where this is posted:

IranWantsDivorce (3 hours ago)

Iran wants a divorce from Islam!!! All our celebrations and traditions are based on our noble zoroastrian past before islam!!! Arabs get your fucking mullahs, basiji, and shit pedifile religion out my country – you have raped my true culture and took over my land with your iran hating imams. We love to love, celebrate, dance, sing, write poetry, create art – islam shuns everything, its not for us. Persian culture and islam have never mixed!

nasimxx (6 hours ago)

i love ur vid.. its true moussavi is just like all those other bastards.. need to get rid of this regime..our people need freedom.. hes just another killer.. pedar sag.. ridam too oon roohe madar pedaresh

gatita77711 (10 hours ago)

Nima’s words in this tribute is AGAINST Moussavi…listen to these words again…then ask if he will truly bring freedom.

FB44lion (11 hours ago)

It’s not about mosavi you fool

Its’ about bringing down the Basiji’s like Ahmadi & Khaminie

Mousavi is not for a secular government but at least he is man enough to stand against Khaminie in that theocratic government he is the only one in 30 years that put his life on the line to lead us

I’ll take that over a million leaders that ran away

nituathaill (15 hours ago)

Wonderful, well thought out, EXCELLENTLY delivered, and altogether inspiring, Nima! I think you and AID have done Iran proud!

OGDoccat (17 hours ago)

I support the people of Iran and their desire for democracy and freedom. But I have a question. Is the protest truly about freedom? I believe it is but if Moussavi attains power, will anything change? Or is he the stepping stone to freedom? I just want to understand more.

ruuuz (19 hours ago)

DOWN with the regime!! Long live the Modern Revolution and the begining of Feedom and democracy for IRAN

FFErsoy (21 hours ago)

Power to our Iranian brothers and sisters from Turkey!

StMalice (21 hours ago)

This hardcore patriot American, has been nothing but inspired by your demands and defiance.

Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.


PS….link to video is HERE.


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