Musing in the Dark over Whiskey

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South Carolina Governor Sanford goes missing?  Right!!  

Joe Amato states that if President Obama doesn’t get “the public option” for health care passed, he’ll lose the left.  Who could have foreseen this happening??

Senator DeMint (SC-R) tosses Governor Sanford under the morality bus.  Like we can’t see this coming!

And, finally, Sen. Ensign gets applause for being a holy warrior for family values while having an affair.  Just another hypocrite being told, “it’s ok… really… we’ve all done it!”

So… onward… through the fog…

Actually, all four of these stories are intertwined.  

Senator Ensign, as we all know, had an affair.  He finally admitted to having it, and, like all good Republicans took a hiatus.  He’s back, and, he spoke to his colleagues.  As they have done with other Republicans who had failed in their duties as holy warrior for family morals, they gave Senator Ensign a round of applause.

This brings us to Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina who, over Father’s Day weekend, simply disappeared without anyone knowing his whereabouts.  His wife still hasn’t heard from him.  The Lt. Governor still hasn’t heard from him.  The statements made so far are not cohesive.  And, let’s add to it that the state’s SUV was located at an airport outside of Atlanta according to a Federal Agent.  But, he was “hiking.”

Do not be surprised in the next month or two, if rumors of an affair between the Governor and “add name here” comes out.  But, it’s no loss for Governor Sanford if it does since he, too, can stand in front of his colleagues and get that “welcome to the club” applause.

We simply cannot forget Sen. Jim DeMint who tossed Governor Sanford under the bus with his less than stellar endorsement of Sanford’s character.  Sounds like a shot over the bow to me; “you come out having an affair, and I’m out of it.”

I know, you’re wondering how President Obama and Joe Amato is supposed to be associated with all this.

There are, for all intents and purposes, six categories of voters:

1) The far Left

2) The moderate Left

3) The Left leaning Independent

4) The Right leaning Independent

5) The moderate Right

6) The far Right

If President Obama cannot push through a health plan with a public option having 60 votes in the Senate, his Presidency may become the first in history to hit “lame duck” status within his first 8 months.  With that failure alone, you can expect that:

The loss of support by:

10-25% of the far Left

up to 50% of the moderate Left

maybe up to 60% of Left leaning Independents

As for the Republican voters:

up to 25% of the Right leaning Independents

up to 25% of the moderate Right

and maybe 5% of the far Right

When you tack on the GLBT problem President Obama is having right now with the Wall Street debacle being led by Summers and Geithner, yes, Obama just might be a one-term President.

Oh… I forgot… how does that equate to Sanford, Ensign, DeMint?

Well, on gay rights, President Obama has gone missing.  When he surfaced, he screwed those who worked for his election by issuing a DOMA brief citing incest and pedophilia.  And, lastly, he’s already tossing people under the bus — namely, the gay community.


  1. late though and I have my whiskey.  The Sanford debacle is ridiculous.  The Ensign affair is equally ridiculous.  These people and their morality make their actions ridiculous.  Now on this president.  There seems to me no excuse not to be able to get the job done with healthcare.  There is obstruction, but the obstuctionists should also have their terms ended.  I expect him to get the job done where health care is concerned.  Since the whole economy here went down in flames the people have got nothing.  I am the people.  I want something.  I want the Public option.

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