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The real field in Dyersville is actually borne of division, two feuding families each owning half the ballfield property… that is really not what I expected when searching for this image, but why I am I not surprised it fits this introduction anyway?

Heaven may have many mansions, but America has many bars… some of which I’d enter willingly, others I’d tolerate yet never be truly comfortable in, and some that feel like home. Its ok that like minded gravitate toward each other, and I for one, think that new ways of thinking are offered all the time between kindreds. I don’t buy into the preaching to the choir thing much. I think friends should inspire eachother, and that unseen ripples change the universe. The point is being flexible enough to roll with the waves and be able to be altered in a million tiny ways.

Right now many of us have political burn out. Some, quite rightly, are feeling the “I told you so’s” while witnessing so many others express disillusionment with this new administrations lack of progress. Many are feeling like change can never happen, even if a moral man went up against the corporate power. Some are feeling outright betrayed, while others still think we haven’t “given the man a chance.” I venture that almost all are kind of collectively holding our breath wondering how we will personally survive the coming economic collapses.

So what now? Apathy for any reason is never productive.

The couple I spoke to yesterday in my restaurant, despite being fans of a lot of right-wing talk pundits have extremely clear views of what went wrong in this country. They see how corporate greed destroyed the middle class. They want single-payer health care.

Michael Moore opined last night how we could turn our factories overnight into producing things this country REALLY needs, high speed trains, green buses, wind turbines.

What I see here is the opportunity that comes with every crisis.

It is not only the political that will make people listen, it is the personal, the survival of being thrown into a nation of migrants looking for work, ala the dust bowl; sick people dying needlessly because bean counters make medical decisions. There is a deep, but still relatively quiet unrest burning in the bellies of middle America.

(Did you know that Medicare runs at about 6-7% in overhead costs, while private insurance runs in the high teens? My friend Dr. Marty researched some of that for his dissertation, and was recounting an enormous amount of factlets this weekend in between conquering tree branches and playing guitar. All they would need to do is expand an already efficient system… but I digress….)

The rabid right wing is marginalizing themselves more every day, but never discount their intent to keep trying to lasso the building rage for their own use. An unfocused anger is easily directed.

The trick of course is to start directing it before it explodes, unfocused, or focused counter-productively. It is not enough just to report (rightly) and be (righteously) indignant that our politicians still betray us.

We need to start propagandizing the dissolving middle class.

Moreso? We need to start propagandizing the politicians themselves about our demands, and our voting power.

To start, we need a bullet point outline of about 10 demands that are COMPLETELY non-negotiable. As in, “We will only vote for…” and send it to every politician, every newspaper left in the land in every city.

We need to do a 50-state strategy, starting with local op-eds and resulting in National Attention. When National attention happens, we must NOT allow this movement to be co-opted by the money forces, no matter how alluring that money may be.

Your homework, in essay or comment will be to create a message that is both sellable and sound.

Off the cuff ideas, seriously in need of editing:

1- Government is FOR THE PEOPLE AND BY THE PEOPLE, and the PEOPLE decide what their best interests are; any employee of the PEOPLE who works not in our interests will be quickly dismissed by impeachment.

2- Single payer health care is a must, and shall be renamed Right to Healthcare on Demand. No accountant shall ever make a decision about our healthcare in the interest of profiut again, this is between our doctors and ourselves.

3- Privacy is not sedition, it is our right.

4- The oil and coal industries shall be dismantled in favor of green technologies, there is no country with no Earth, and these energy companies shall be non-profit for the good of us all. These healthy jobs will renew our economy.

5- No foreign lead Political Action Committees can operate within US soil. We will not tolerate interests clearly outside the CITIZENS of the United States influencing either our domestic or foreign policy.

( authors note: bite us AIPAC)

6- No law shall be established or upheld that denies any segment of US society full and unabridged rights. Period.

I could go on, but I must ready myself for more Political propagandizing between serving baskets of french fries to the unappreciative masses…. heh.

The “centrists” are still holding fairly popular numbers, but we must create a coalition of the left NOW, a people’s party before they start to dissolve in bitterness.

Now is the time for a new kind of activism.

What say ye?


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    • Diane G on June 2, 2009 at 14:29
    • Diane G on June 2, 2009 at 14:54

    with creating the message we need a petition.

    Now is the time for a New Left, a People’s Party.

  1. Lot’s of stuff just does not exist.  Like this.


    And this


  2. in me. I couldnt agree more.

    interestng article I havent even had time to read through / digest yet… re media. Here…

    After eight disastrous years of President Bush – and another nasty recession — American voters again threw the Republicans out of the White House and elected a strong Democratic majority in Congress. President Obama also made clear that he intended to be a transformational leader who would address many of the deep systemic problems that three decades of Republican dominance had left behind.

    But the U.S. political/media system remained remarkably static. With the exceptions of Comedy Central’s Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert and MSNBC’s experimentation with a few liberal hosts during its evening hours – and some under-funded Web sites and radio outlets – the American media still functions under the old rules, with an inordinate amount of time and space given to Republicans despite their weak minority status.

    If anything, Fox News and right-wing talk radio have escalated their rhetoric; CNN, the Washington Post and other “centrist” outlets have pandered to Republican voices; and the premier business network CNBC behaves as if its treasured “free-market paradigm” had not been shattered by the ruinous behavior of Wall Street banks and major corporations, like AIG and GM.

    But this pro-Republican bent of much of the news media had a predictable impact. Congressional Democrats and the Obama administration shied away from confrontations, refusing to hold the Bush administration accountable for its crimes and playing defense, whether in foreign affairs (“weak on terror”) or on economic policy (“socialist!”).

    The American Left also stayed true to form, still unwilling to engage seriously in the political/media process. As it did during the Clinton-Gore years, the Left spends its energies criticizing Democratic failures (a reprise of the Bush-Gore “not a dime’s worth of difference” chant) rather than investing in and building media and other institutions that might help change the dynamic.

    So, more than four months into the Obama era – with the United States staggering through a major economic crisis and with global challenges mounting – the political/media kabuki continues.

    The same ornately costumed characters – snarling Republicans, angry right-wingers, cringing Democrats, careerist media personalities and an ineffectual Left – maneuver around each other in a stylistically choreographed dance of national failure.

    • Diane G on June 3, 2009 at 02:45

    budhy… we need to refocus our collective efforts, both away from meta useless stuff and work on what unites us (even the people formerly of the right) like our human suffering.

    We still need to end war and reinstate the original law of the land, and it seems neither party’s politicians are listening.



    Love to you,


    • Diane G on June 3, 2009 at 14:29


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