How Many More Times…

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McClatchy HAMMERS Cheney:

If former vice president Darth Cheney had been arrested for any of his multiple felonies, he might remember the most important of the Miranda rights that the arresting officer would have read to him: You have the right to remain silent.

These days, you can’t turn on your television without finding Cheney’s doughboy face on the screen, alternately repeating old lies, mouthing new lies or defiantly confessing to yet another criminal act.

Wow. A mainstream press outlet finally grew a pair. Awesome.

In other news, Sarah Palin might decide to present a facile “I’m so compassionate” front by claiming to support the developmentally disabled, but this gal who happens to have been slapped with that label is not and never will be so broken in the head that I’d EVER vote for her – or ANY Republican under the current circumstances. Shitfire, if these wingnuts had their way everyone with ADD would either be paying big pharma for the dubious privilege of serving as their guinea pigs while they throw “chainsaw juggling” antidepressant comorbidity MK-ULTRAesque cocktails at us, or serving time in the “arbeit macht frei” prison industry. They don’t even dare put us in the military anymore – and they sure won’t put us anywhere else where we might make the wrong people look bad. ;-7

Yeah, Republitards, you won’t get my vote any time soon – or Thom Hartmann‘s either, I’m thinkin’. There’s another guy with ADD who can kick your asses around the block all day long and never get tired. He’s even happy to explain why and how in clear, concise terms.

See, here’s the current state of affairs, ReThugs: if you really want to support the disabled, you’d best look a bit closer to home. While we’re on the subject, when you’re shooting critters out of that helicopter, don’t hang your foot out the door if you want to come back home with all ten tootsies. And don’t aim for your friend’s face, either.

You folks seem to have a serious problem with “friendly fire” when it comes to “protecting America”, and as the list gets longer people are finally starting to catch on. Some of them are even your own people. Want some reminders from that list? Pat Tillman, Mike Connell, Enron, Worldcom, Securacom, Lehman Brothers… do you want some more well here’s some more!

Yeah, with “support” like this who needs the mafia… well payback’s a bitch…


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  1. He did some great reporting from the front lines during Viet Nam. He knows about the horrors of war.

    • marc5 on June 9, 2009 at 8:24 am

    after reading that McClatchy piece. I can’t remember when I’ve seen something so strong from a traditional media source.

    And how about that closing graf:

    If Dick Cheney has so much that he wants to confess, then why doesn’t somebody on Capitol Hill subpoena him to testify under oath before an investigating committee or a truth commission. Or maybe we need a special prosecutor who can put him in a chair in front of a grand jury.

    Why not indeed.

  2. “Our” ministry of propaganda media endorses globalism on the wholly Prime Directive core principle.

    So by bashing Dick, who long ago should have been hauled away in chains such things do point towards…….

    Well if America won’t prosecute A GLOBAL AUTHORITY MUST.

    I maintain that global authority only wants 500 million people on the entire planet.  Weigh the evil here.

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