Healthcare on Demand

Part 2 of our ongoing “If you build it” new coalition activism series. (WWL version)

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In our effort to make a list of DEMANDS rather than suggestions, that can be brushed aside as “not feasible at this time” today we will address Health Care.

Let me repeat the Mantra:

A person and their doctor walk into a room. They decide what avenue will best keep that person healthy and alive. No bean counters. No multiple referrals. No putting it up for review with a bunch of multiple churches. They GET the care necessary.

The term “single-payer” confuses most Americans anyway. It makes it sound like THEY, a single individual must pay, a term probably chosen as a way to create a Pavlovian rejection, even while it is in people’s best interests.

Gottlieb suggested, “While single payer is the goal, I suggest we start with something achievable and that is “the public option” plan. The Public Option is the vehicle which can grow into single payer.” but I don’t agree. Any compromise we make will be used to stall and to thwart the process in the interests of the Healthcare Profit Industry to continue to make profits as “insurance” companies. (Sorry darlin, but we must commit to this)

If we could turn factories overnight into tank and bomber factories with 1940’s technologies, this too can and SHALL be done.

Our commitment must be in stone.

The argument:

“The government will surely mess it up, you know how bad federal governments are in handling red tape.”

The answer:

“Medicare is not perfect, but has much potential. Either model it after State programs, or let the States run them by themselves.

Michigan’s Medicaid is a prime example of an efficient, low overhead, and cost-effective system.”

The argument:

“We have a history of employer-based insurance.”

The answer:

“How has that worked for us so far? Unable to compete with countries that do have National Health care, the cost became so great they outsourced the jobs. History that doesn’t work should not be repeated.

Companies themselves created unequal treatment of citizens by using better health care as a tool to create “Health Elites” and “Health Lessers.”

The argument:

“Where will the money come from?”

The answer:

“For one, it will lower the cost for both Doctors and Hospitals. A single Doctor sometimes has to staff up to 14 paper-pushers to deal with all the insurance companies. The insurance companies staff hundreds of thousands more, whose job it is to find loopholes to DENY you service or DENY them PAYMENT.

Doctors and Hospitals often end up not being paid so often it drives the prices up for everyone to cover those losses.

There will be no more $20 charge for a single Tylenol pill, due to insane overhead.

We already pay into Medicaid, anyway. A marginal raise in this rate will be a drop in the bucket compared to paying the Health Insurance bill you now pay, that is mostly PROFIT FOR STOCKHOLDERS.

Do you know how the rates are lower for a “pool” of people, when the “pool” is everyone, there will be plenty for all.

The question:

So what will happen to all those medical staff and insurance staff? Won’t his cause a new wave of unemployment?

The answer:

Temporarily. There will be a limited amount of government billing jobs available, but as we create jobs in other sectors like green energy, they will be absorbed.

Another Manta, to the BIGGEST question and resistance we will get at a personal level:

“We don’t want the Government more involved in our lives.”

Right now, you have thousands of people making YOUR medical decisions for you, for most of whom, it is in their best interest to deny you service.

Let me say it again. You and your doctor go into a room, YOU AND THEY decide. The government’s ONLY involvement will be footing the bill.

The government is we the people, not PROFITEERS.

Lets make this a non-negotiable demand.


    • Diane G on June 3, 2009 at 14:25

    We need to set and market them directly to our peers across all party lines!

    • Diane G on June 3, 2009 at 14:59

    will trip-sit this essay when I get home from my non-insured labors….


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