Fuck Obama

The Obama administration just approved two-dozen more of what you see in this picture.

It’s called “mountaintop removal”.  It’s a somewhat accurate name, like “detainee” is a technically accurate name for “political prisoner”.

Fuck Obama.  This guy fucking lied to us to get into office so that he could continue the policies of the Bush administration.

He’s a goddamn liar, nothing but a slick con artist who manipulated millions of people’s emotions and passions and good natures so that he could get into office and be nothing but a tool for the same gangsters and crooks who have had their way with us for countless years now.  

Here’s more, from a fellow named Paul Street:

Left-progressives’ anger with the Obama administration is understandable given the new White House’s actions to (for example):

* Significantly expand the reach and intensity of imperial violence (replete with the mass slaughter of civilians and the related escalation of targeted assassinations) in South Asia.

* Promote a notorious assassin and death-squad leader (Lt. General Stanley A McChrystal – former chief of the military’s special Joint Special Operations Command) to the position of Commander of U.S. Forces in the newly merged “Af-Pak” war theater. [1]

* Sustain the criminal occupation of Iraq beneath rhetoric of withdrawal. [2]

* Increase “defense” (empire) spending, consistent with the following statement in a report issued by the leading Wall Street investment firm Morgan Stanley one day after Obama’s presidential election victory: “As we understand it, Obama has been advised and agrees that there is no peace dividend.”[3]

* Revive military commissions.

* Continue the practice of renditions.

* Maintain secret prisons for persons “held on a short-term, transitory basis.”

* Continue the unspeakable torture of prisoners by an “extrajudicial terror squad” (Jeremy Scahill’s description of the Pentagon’s sadistic “Immediate Reaction Force” in Cuba) at Guantanamo Bay. [4]

* Advance the policy of “indefinite detention” (potentially permanent incarceration) for Guantanamo prisoners for whom no legally compelling evidence can be marshaled.

* Intimidate England (with a threat to withhold intelligence data on potential terrorist attacks!) into preventing a Guantanamo victim from having his day in court on the Bush administration’s torture practices. [5]

* Sustain the Bush administration’s abrogation of habeas corpus rights in regard to the roughly 600 “enemy combatants” kept at the Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan (where people rendered out of other countries like Yemen and England can be considered “war [-zone]” prisoners!. [6]

* Advance nauseatingly specious legal and moral arguments (“better to look forward than backward”) to prevent serious federal investigation of the Bush administration’s human rights crimes.

* Sustain George W. Bush’s domestic wiretapping program.

* Invoke the “state secrets” (akin to the divine right of kings) doctrine to prevent disclosure of evidence in response to lawsuits emerging from Bush era rendition and surveillance policies.

* Suppress photographic evidence of U.S. torture practices.

* Justify all this and more in the name of the supposed “global war on terror” that was supposedly launched in legitimate defense against the supposedly unprovoked jetliner attacks of September 11, 2001.

* Disregard qualified progressive defenders of civil liberties and human rights from consideration for appointment to succeed Supreme Justice David H. Souter and to thereby counter the hard right leanings of the court’s conservative majority. [7]

* Send clear signals of intent to roll back and partially privatize Social Security and Medicare benefits.

* Betray campaign pledges to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) to insert stronger labor and environmental protections. [7A]

* Betray campaign pledges of serious intent to advance an elementary and overdue labor law reform (the Employee Free Choice Act).

* Force and approve an automobile industry re-structuring that drastically cuts domestic autoworkers’ jobs, wages and benefits while subsidizing General Motors’ further shifting of jobs abroad. [8]

* Advance a tepid, business-friendly health care “reform” that leaves the leading parasitic insurance corporations (major campaign sponsors of his) in power.

* “Methodically erase single-payer advocates from the picture” (Glen Ford) of health care reform despite the fact that a majority of Americans have long favored a single-payer (“Medicare for all”) health insurance system. [9]

* Spend trillions of federal dollars on taxpayer handouts to giant Wall Street firms who spent millions on his campaign and who drove the economy over the cliff.  Obama’s Wall Street bailout rejects the elementary bank nationalizations and public financial restructuring that are required to put the nation’s credit system on a sound and socially responsible basis, choosing instead to guarantee the financial, insurance, and real estate industries’ toxic, hyper-inflated assets while keeping existing Wall Street management in place.  It amounts to a giant effort to “keep perpetrators afloat” (liberal economist James Gailbraith) through a scheme in which  the government takes more than 90 percent of the risk but private investors reap at least half the reward.

I could go on. It’s not a pretty story. And it’s only going to get worse.

I voted because ……. why?

I voted Democratic because …… why?

I worked to get Democrats in office for ….. what?

Fuck Obama.  

And fuck the Democratic Party.  


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    • Inky99 on June 4, 2009 at 08:35

    I may never vote again.  

    • Adam on June 4, 2009 at 09:18

    I voted to make sure Sarah Palin never got near the line of succession.

    That said, the astounding betrayal rate Obama is currently achieving makes me wonder if Obama is doing more damage than Palin could have.

    We’ve got to vote. We may have to cast the votes for a newly created party.

    • Viet71 on June 4, 2009 at 11:31

    R or D, it doesn’t really matter.  (You think Sotomayer isn’t an inside player?)

    Voting R or D only affirms the corrupt system.

    Or if you feel you must vote (as I still basically do), vote for Ralph, or the commie, or the Green — anyone but the R or D.

    This is the only effective way for Americans to rebel.

    Thanks for the title, Inky.  It’s way past time to tell it like it is.

  1. Barry Soetoro!

  2. Mainly because in Indiana you can only vote for declared write-in candidates, so I couldn’t vote for Dennis.


    Here’s some more to say “FUCK BO” about:


    They’re starting the ‘we can’t afford the safety net’ attack.  Surprise, surprise.

  3. but I’m sure it was a home run.  In fact, according to this dude:

    Immediately after the wide-ranging speech, Marwan Bishara, Al Jazeera’s senior political analyst, said it helped undo “the harm done by the Bush administration.”

    Imagine that, a speech, has helped undo the harm Bush did!  

  4. Two blokes were standing around Tralfalgar Square, when suddenly one of the said:

    “Fuck the Queen”

    The other one thought for a while and finally said < in cockney >

    ” You can’t do that ! ”

    ” (you know you can’t even approach ‘er!)  ”

    • Inky99 on June 4, 2009 at 19:12

    It’s criminal.  

    Obama is a fraud.  

  5. looks like with a Left bias. You are the Left’s answer to the Angry right, right? Invective and over-the-top rhetoric for the sake of inducing hatred. Everything is personal and vicious. Limbaugh cum Lefty.

    • Viet71 on June 4, 2009 at 23:00

    has not grasped what has happened to this country, I believe.

    Or is on the gravy train.

  6. Sheez. If he overreaches too soon, the entire agenda, including a future ban on this practice in a few years, is KAPUT.

    This has the whiff of extremism like the religious right turning on Bush because he didn’t “outlaw” abortion with the stroke of a pen. This stuff is not easy. We shouldn’t expect it to be.

    But we should keep fighting and calling Obama out on these policies without saying “Fuck Obama” but instead keep developing the political climate to make a ban feasible in a very short time.

    It’s a game of chess, not an arm wrestle.

  7. isn’t the only type of material that Docudharma has to offer.

    You have a right to your opinion, I have the right not to feel it is extreme.  

    • Viet71 on June 6, 2009 at 01:39

    Like a Viet Nam firebase.

    Forge ahead.

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