Death Throes of the WCMPS

I have been writing about the White Male Christian Power Structure that has run America, well….since it began. And yesterday, about how they maintain their control of our government: Does Anyone Still Doubt Our Government Has Been Bought?

How, though, do they get elected? They GOT elected by appealing to “The Base.” They got elected in olden times, because by far the majority of Americans identified as White Christian Males or lived in the households of White Christian Males, under some degree of Patriarchal control. The WCMPS base was nearly all of America. Nearly all of the Americans that were allowed to vote, anyway.

In recent history though, as America began a demographic shift, and even more importantly, a shift of consciousness, away from the rigid value system of both patriarchal and race and religion based thinking….they have had to work harder to hold on to their political structure. THEIR “Identity Politics.”

And they use “Useful Idiots” like Hannity, Rush and O’Reilly to enforce their Identity Politics. Idiots that through their Dog Whistle rhetoric, whip up a fear based hatred to motivate The Base to become politically active. In a ratio of participation that far out strips the General Population’s political involvement. All based on hate, intolerance and fear.

Not that I have to tell YOU that, you just lived through the last eight years too!

A relatively small number of people were able to have a great effect politically in America….because the WCMPS and its political arm, the Republican Party has sown apathy and engaged in voter suppression for decades. As well as a constant sabotage of the educational system, designed to dumb down America enough to actually buy the bullshit their Useful Idiots sell.

Their Grand Plan, in the works since the Goldwater (Extremism in defense of Liberty is no vice) finally paid off with the election of Bush and a majority Congress of similarly rabid Republicans. Intent on establishing a Permanent Republican (WCMPS) Majority, they forgot only two things.

First, that America WAS changing, both demographically as well as away from the rigid “Values” of the WCMPS…

And second, that they were incompetent idiots who hated government and thus were unable to actually make it work.

Their fall has been as spectacular as their rise. They have been boiled down to the their true base now, approximately 25% of today’s America. They have been reduced to a Party whose two remaining political slogans are… NO ….and…

Torture is GOOD!

They political arm of the WCMPS is in its death throes, as is illustrated by the desperate shrieking of their Useful Idiots. They still have political power only in the fact that they are still able to buy our Government, and can still scare the bejeebus out of the Spineless CongDems.

But they DO still control the Banking industry, the Energy Industry, The Religion Industry and the Military Industrial Complex.

They are in the process, it seems, of losing the Auto Industry they destroyed through incompetence.

How will they react as their political power fades? How will they react when there bald and blatant purchase of our government is exposed as their compromised and/or cowed politicians continuously and obviously vote against the wishes of the People….and The People begin to catch on? And, hopefully, in the unmistakable stench of the corruption of their government, rise up?

Just like the death throes we are seeing in their Useful idiots, it won’t be pretty.

And more importantly….how WILL We The People go about taking our nation and the world out of their hands? Or will we allow them to continue to control us?

Interesting Times indeed!


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  3. Kinda harsh there, buhdydharma!

    Are ya sayin “Drill, baby, drill” doesn’t make the cut for official party slogans anymore?

    I am a bit concerned that people don’t seem to mind havin’ a brown female on the Supreme Court.  Who on the court will stand up against the horrible oppression of the white male?  

  4. What difference does it make what religion or skin color or gender the power structure in America is? Replacing one power structure with another is a zero-sum gain unless we replace it with a people-power structure. And a people-power structure will be just as bad if we don’t have an informed, educated people-power structure.

    I think focusing on the outward trappings of the power structure are less interesting than the money and connections they have to preserve and expand their power. Barack Obama is now part of that power structure. He’s wealthy and he’s Christian, is the difference that he has darker skin than Dick Cheney?

    I’ve heard these arguments all throughout the 80s and 90s. I really think its a false flag to rally around.

    The power in this country comes from money and the willingness to use it. I really do not care what skin color, religion, or gender has the power. What I do care about is that money equals power, and I think it shouldn’t.

  5. with the construction “White Christian Male Power Structure” because it seems to imply that all white Christian men share in that power.

    I understand, of course, that you do not mean it that way, but that does strike me as an implication.  The truth, obviously, is that many, many white Christian men are poor and some are homeless and so forth.

    But you know this… duh!


  6. I agree with you, buhdy, that edfucation is important in this .

    As well as a constant sabotage of the educational system, designed to dumb down America enough to actually buy the bullshit their Useful Idiots sell.

    Education, or the lack of it, plays a big role in keeping the status quo in the hands of both the wealthy and the WCMPS.

    IMO, the dumbing down of America through destroying the education system is a deliberate, planned attack on the process toward a diverse society and equality.

    Schwartzenegger is doing this in California right now, usi ng the financial crisis as an excuse.  He is devastating public K through 12 education and ending block grants and aid to low income students trying to go the the Cal University system.

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