Building a Post White Christian Male Power Stucture

In a recent essay …Breaking The Taboo: What We Face On Every Front I published this very telling quote:

BILL O’REILLY: But do you understand what the New York Times wants, and the far-left want? They want to break down the white, Christian, male power structure, which you’re a part, and so am I….

The context and attributions can be found here: Preserving the ‘white, Christian, male power structure.’

This essay too is taboo, this essay speaks an awkward, uncomfortable truth. This essay is controversial. This essay speaks plainly of something that is not easily spoken about. This essay will contain more caveats than I have ever written! (except for the last one!)

Los Caveats: Please read before proceeding.

For I place this essay before you today not to condemn a subset of humanity, not to say that they are evil, not to call for their heads, and certainly not to condemn every person reading it who shares any of the characteristics of the subset in question. I share them myself.

If you are reading this and yet do share some of those characteristics…you have probably been fighting your whole life to defeat…..”it.” Yet, it will probably still sting. You may feel a sense of shame, but I say to you now, with all of the honesty I can muster after examining my heart and conscience, I do not write this to shame you.

You may what I am about to write and you are about to read… ‘insensitive.’ You may even find it insulting. You may become angry. The words on this page may make you feel…..a certain way. Which is why they are taboo. But they are, to the best of my ability to perceive it, The Truth. And though I take full responsibility for writing them, I do not take responsibility for how they make you feel. I did not make this Truth. I just have the temerity to set it in print.

As the subset I am writing about often are heard to say….I apologize if what I say offends you in any way.

If you have read and understand these caveats, you may proceed below the fold.

Bob Herbert addresses the bastions of the WCMPS.

One can only hope that the hysterical howling of right-wingers against the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court is something approaching a death rattle for this profoundly destructive force in American life.


It turns the stomach. There is no level of achievement sufficient to escape the stultifying bonds of bigotry. It is impossible to be smart enough or accomplished enough.

The amount of disrespect that has spattered the nomination of Judge Sotomayor is disgusting. She is spoken of, in some circles, as if she were the lowest of the low. Rush Limbaugh – now there’s a genius! – has compared her nomination to a hypothetical nomination of David Duke, a former head of the Ku Klux Klan. “How can a president nominate such a candidate?” Limbaugh asked


Those types can still cause a lot of trouble, but the ridiculousness of their posture is pretty widely recognized. Thus the desperate howling.

Let’s go back to his opening….

One can only hope that the hysterical howling of right-wingers against the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court is something approaching a death rattle for this profoundly destructive force in American life.

There are actually two destructive forces at work here … the destructive force that the WCMPS has exerted on our society and the forces of CHANGE that are trying to destroy their destruction.  We try to change the world because there is something wrong with it.  In the case of the world that the WCMPS has built, the evidence of what is wrong lies all around us … from the attacks on Sotomayor to the terror killing of Tiller.  The world that we live in is indubitably the world that they have created.  And that is the world that we must destroy in the process of building a new world.  They have created a pattern of destruction of all who oppose them to preserve their power.  In order to build a new world, we must create our own pattern to systematically destroy theirs.

They have created and enforced our pattern of politics, our pattern of religion, our pattern of finance and our social structure.  These are the systems they use to enforce their destructive rule.  The destruction of the old WCMPS regime  is not done out of malice or revenge but is merely a necessary component of placing a new, more equitable, power structure in place, the power structure of a new world.

That precise pattern of destruction of the old existing WCMPS structure … is precisely what makes way for  a new slightly evolved, marginally better power structure ….

And marginally better political system, economic system, religious system, or any other social structure.

The excesses and rigidity of the old structure lead to the very urges and impulses needed to reform it. Ie…revolution.

It is actually quite an organic process…..masking itself as “revolution.”

In the portion of humanity ‘intelligently designed’ to advocate revolution, revolution is advocated….

And then rejected by the more ‘conservative’ (relative, sliding scale) segment of the existing structure…..

Which is then slowly and painfully convinced not to fully resist revolution….

Just at the same time that the revolutionaries are finally (secretly) convinced and realize that not QUITE as much change was needed as they initially thought.

And thus do the revolutionaries become the “new boss” that looks amazingly like the “old boss”….

That is, to the next batch of revolutionaries. Who are already advocating for the next change, even as the new conservatives, who used to be revolutionaries, moan abut those kids today, and how much better things used to be.

Thus doth the pendulum swing.

Thus doth change occur.

We are in a period of ‘high frequency’ or perhaps more accurately, a Big Swing,of  change right now, though. The pendulum swung FAR to the Right for the Bush years. Highlighting in stark relief what is wrong with the current structures. And boy howdy did it!

Now it needs to swing even farther to the Left for those excesses to be “revolution-ized,” for change to occur.


Especially when you take into consideration the one factor that sets apart our time…our “Generational Crisis” from all of the “Generational Crises” of the past.

The potential ‘planetary’ destruction that the WCMPS has created in the form of Climate Change.

The current form of Christianity that is being railed and rebelled against for opposing gay marriage and real reproductive rights…. in its absolute worst form, drove Bush’s Crusade Against Islam

Is a part of the White Male Christian Economic Power Structure that is also actively bringing on Climate Change by Resisting a green revolution…

Just as the White Male Christian  Power Structure is Resisting Equal Rights for women and gays.

Just as the White Male Christian Racist Power Structure is resisting immigration/assimilation….and going batshit crazy over having a non-White president.

Just as the White Male Christian Power Structure is having to deal with the fact of the rising influences of alternate belief systems from Islam, to Buddhism, to Atheism. And that is having to deal with the fact that America and the world are no longer going to allow themselves to be dominated by and preached to and be “forced” to adhere solely to Christian values.

The values that it has enforced on conquered people for the last few centuries through industrial and military might and then cultural rein’force’ment as the dominant economic, military, and religious structure of our world.

That time is over… the systems their power structure put in place, their industrial system, their inequitable economic system. their imperial military system and their exclusionary and oppressive religious system, no longer work.  We, the human race, can no longer afford or support their system of war, poverty, pollution and intolerance.  Those systems only work on a tribal level, a nationalistic level, in competition with other tribes and nations.  As we fully become and identify as the human race, there is no one left to compete against, to gain advantage over, to oppress.  We cannot address climate crisis as a system of warring tribes.  If the planet is to remain habitable, all of us must join together to work together to save it.  The alternative is the imperial vision of Dick Cheney and PNAC.  “America” ruling the planet, the WCMPS ruling the planet.  Not only will that not work, but we see the evidence of the torture, death and destruction their power structure is forced to wield in their attempt to achieve and enforce it.

We voted to change from that reality to a new, different and better reality.  The battle we face now, the hopefully peaceful revolution that we are engaged in, is to destroy their obsolete and ineffective system into something entirely new.

They will not give up their power willingly.  But if we are to survive as a race, they must be forced to.  Again, hopefully through peaceful means.  But as we see with the rise of terrorists in the right wing culture their power structure has created, the degree that power will be transferred peacefully is almost entirely up to them.

Our planet, our race, our species, is involved in a slow evolution that the time constraints imposed upon us by climate crisis is transforming into the need for revolutionary change.  That change is inevitable.  The only question now is what form it will take, what vision will we bring to the new world to shape it and build it … and how bloody that change will be — which is entirely up to them.


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  2. lol. You know it’s good when I want to run/skip ahead to the end and start pasting and commenting, responding,  line by line.


    Let’s get this R/Evolution started already!


    • Edger on June 2, 2009 at 20:22


    • lysias on June 2, 2009 at 20:27

    from the White Protestant male power structure that was there a couple of generations ago?

    And I wonder why O’Reilly doesn’t realize that White Jewish males are also very much a part of the power structure now.  That ought to be obvious to somebody in the television industry.  Maybe it’s a truth that people in the television industry aren’t allowed to mention?

    • Robyn on June 2, 2009 at 20:42

    …and will continue to do so.

  3. And if a member of the White Male Christian Power Structure wanted to help me clean my house or cook the occasional meal, I wouldn’t object. I just assumed they were all too busy ruining our economy and dismantling our democracy.

  4. I have often said as a white, that whites are the blight of the planet, but really what I meant is exactly what you have fingered: the WCMPS.

    And we REALLY need to move on from it to a HUMAN society.

    All hail, my friend for telling it like it is.

  5. in no way controversial to a white woman, old hippie, young artist, blab, blab, the list goes on. I’m not a white Christan male and have always felt threatened by both their logic and their motivation as it seems to me to be a obvious ploy an assault on reason to keep the power where they want it..

    I have only lived and known the ruling hand of white male supremacy. For me a woman, it lurks behind every thing. The strides woman make have come and gone and come again it’s never a mute point the progress we make is never fixed it is ongoing. Carl Sagan once said that until we have a government that is both yin and yang and represents both sides of the spectrum we will be stuck in this chest thumping nasty reality (paraphrase) Why can’t we as humans see beyond the categories we call other. Woman, Christian, Gay, Muslim, Scientist, Philosopher,were all humans, I see the darkness that is ascending it comes, it goes,right now it’s waning under cooked up fear. Lets all work for the light that shines through occasionally.

    Perhaps the more we shine on the dark the more light will prevail and some day we will not kill ot torture for differences that do not exist except in the dark places we call fear or security. Life is not secure it is temporal it only exists in the time we have what we leave is more important then our perceived fears.    

  6. And now Obama.  The white male power structure is slowly changing, but then again, it isn’t.  

    • RUKind on June 3, 2009 at 05:16

    The first Irish to arrive were a large part of the revolutionists. It was a great place for an Irishman with an open season on Red-coats for seven years.

    Meanwhile, down the Mississippi a decade later Irishmen were used to dig ditches to drain the swamps. They were expendable labor. A black slave was property and had trading value. An Irishman was a disposable commodity. Like Bill.

    In the early 1900s Boston want ads used a code – NINA – at the end when looking for low level household and worker positions. No Irish Need Apply.

    BTW BillO – it’s a white, Protestant male society. It’s WASPs that rule you fool. Jews, Irish, Italians, Poles, Greeks and every other non-WASP non-male segment of the population is just deceiving themselves if they think they have any real say in what happens in this country.


  7. I have to say, IMHO, that hoisting Sarah Palin up there by the WCMPS, (or WIMPS, lol) was a huge step back for women.

    What I mean is, seeing how hateful she is, how idiotic she sounds, and how unethical she behaves, I felt like it was a giant step back for women to prop her up as a “leader”.  

    She wasn’t a leader, she was a puppet.  

  8. I detest the right wing shit I grew up with, thats why I’ve happily been a Public Defender for so long-though thats a little too complicit with power sometimes.  But at least its taught me that there is a lot less difference between judges based on race or gender than there is between judges based on their political views.  the absolute worst judge I’ve been in front of was a woman-one of the very best is also a woman.  The best judge I’ve ever been in front of is a white man-a couple of the white male judges have been awful.

    My best boss I’ve ever had was a black guy back in the Air Force, but the 2nd in command, under him, was so bad that he was removed in disgrace and the boss tried to get him court-martialed, he was black too.

    Is it the “dominant paradigm” nonsense?  Is nonsense too loaded a word?  I supported a limited time of affirmative action though it cost me and my friends dearly-but I truly resent all the garbage about white-privelege.  When I was so hungry that my body was cannabalizing its own tissue, nobody gave a shit that their fellow white guy was slipping away-when I was sleeping in my car nobody came to offer me a bed.

    I supported limited Affrimative Action because without it minorities wouldn’t have had a fair shot at getting into the power structure, but I don’t have any illusions that they will do any better than whats already been done before, just based on their not being white males.  There is nothing that shows that anywhere.  Apparently greed, venality, brutality, indifference are found broadcast through the “races” and in all the genders.

    This seems pretty obvious to me, and I really think its a product of shoddy thinking to do all this finger pointing at white males, they vary so widely that its nonsensical, and it ignores the obvious failure of anybody else to be any damned better as a class, or a group or whatthefuckever.

    Now “Christian” is a different story to an extent-giving superstitious people the right to boss you around seems silly, but I doubt if Christians do any worse than any other believers in fairy tales.

    I’ll see ya all around.

  9. These things wouldn’t happen if this country were run by vegetarian women instead of flesh-eating men.

  10. …not at all.  But I think we should defeat our enemies with laughter:

    funny pictures
    moar funny pictures

    and defeat our so-called allies with greater strength and stronger logic.

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