We’ve got it……now what do we do with it?

And “it” is delicious!

From marriage equality to sticking it to Scalia, to the Spanish court saying……uh, guys you gonna do anything about this or do we have to???

From the Pentagon…

To Capitol Hill…

To the Banksters needing to still be bought out…

To the Southern Republicans pretending to get ready for the South to rise again.

The old order is crumbling…..FAST.

In watching The Republicans especially, as they flounder and whine and cast desperately about for a life raft……….and come up with only the anchor of Rush Limpbaugh

Without the power of the Bushco government behind the lies to prop them up artificially and give them some shred of credibility….

The much touted Reality Creation of the Rovian Republicans is falling like the house of cards that nominally smart folks (us)always knew it was.

The 2010 Midterms are now just about a year and a half away….and the voters still hate Republicans. And the Republicans have shrunk their party to the size that it could be put in a bathtub and…it IS drowning.

Back in the days when the Dems were still a minority and the Dem leadership told us they were absolutely powerless without a majority…

Back in the days of the impeachment wars when we were told over and over again we don’t have the votes….

Back in the days when republicans were feared, and not a national laughing stock….

We were told that if we ever got a Super-Majority, then ….by god and gumption look out for what “we” (establishment Dems) would do!!!

Well we now have a shaky filibuster proof majority.

And it sure looks like come 2010 we are going to have a solid Super-Majority.

So……what are we going to do with it?


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  1. or at least it could be, the Dawn of a New Era


    What can we do to shape it?


    Heck, The Dead are even rockin the house again!

    • Edger on May 6, 2009 at 20:26

    What are we going to do with it?

    If the GOP will fit in a bathtub, can I give it a bath? Mwah. Ha. Haaa…;-)

  2. … end the class war … in our favor?

    Stop saying corporations can be people.

    Save the planet!

  3. The super majority will be riddled with blue dogs and turncoat Republicans. In other words, it won’t be a super majority of liberals or progressives.

    The nation will be saddled with an epic level of debt, two wars still being fought overseas and possibly facing another with a nuclear-armed Taliban Pakistan.

    The corporate greed and self-preservation runs deep in Congress, regardless of party, and so the moneyed interests will trump all else.

    I don’t expect much will change, except I will be even more cynical.

    I think of it this way… the Obama years is not the dawn of a new golden age, but likely a suckers rally and the last, best chance to escape.

  4. are pretty much a joke at this point.

    The new opposition seems to be the likes of Ben Nelson and Evan Bayh.

  5. invent a calorie free chocolate cheese cake

    Then we can work on global warming and world peace.

    Priorities. Priorities.

  6. Here’s what’s on Congress’ agenda.

    WaPo: Lawmakers Seeking Consensus On Social Security Overhaul

    Key lawmakers from both parties have held tentative talks about overhauling the Social Security system, and Congress could turn its attention to the federal retirement program as soon as this fall if a bipartisan consensus emerges, House Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer said yesterday…

    So far, Democrats have found a willing partner in the Senate, where Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.) … described Social Security as “a math problem” that could be easily solved if both parties were willing to work together. He sketched out a plan that would include lower benefits for wealthy Americans, a higher retirement age and additional revenues. With the stock market devastated by the recession, the traditional Republican option of diverting Social Security taxes to new private retirement accounts is, he said, “off the table.”

    According to an advance copy of the speech, Hoyer will suggest that Congress could approve “more revenues,” “restrain the growth of benefits, particularly for higher-income workers,” “and/or we can raise the retirement age, recognizing that our life expectancy is higher today.”

    “What is missing here is not ideas — it is political will,” the speech says.

    So Congress wants to cut benefits and raise the retirment age.

    Instead Congress should raise benefits and lower the retirement age and eliminate the Social Security payroll cap to pay for it.

  7. what was your question again, buhdy?

    now what are we gonna do with it?

  8. Make them eat it.   There will be no more excuses, nowhere to hide and nowhere to run.   Democrats will expose themselves for the liars and crooks they are, and somehow we rip out the heart of all that evil.   Yes!

    This whole two party thing and voting for Democrats because they aren’t Republicans reminds me of the bumper sticker, “vote for the crook, it’s important”.  

    Like Iraq, they are going to loot this country, destroy its infrastructure, and then leave it and us broke.  What an awful future for our children.  

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