The Faintest First Starlight

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Took a look down that Netroots Road,

Right away I made my choice.

Headed out to my big two-wheeler,

I was tired of my own voice.

Took a bead on a brighter future,

And just rolled that power on . . .

Twelve hours out of Big Orange City,

Stopped in a bar to have a brew.

Met a girl and we had a few drinks,

And I told her what I’d decided to do.

She looked out the window a long long moment,

Then she looked into my eyes.

She didn’t have to say a thing,

I knew what she was thinking . . .

Roll, roll me away,

Won’t you roll me away tonight.

I too am lost, I feel double-crossed,

There’s so much wrong and nothing’s right.

We never even said a word,

We just walked out and got on that bike.

And we rolled,

And we rolled clean out of sight . . .

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We rolled beyond that rainbow,  

High into the mountains.

Felt so good to be,

Finally feeling free.

Free from the corporate media lies, free from the posturing politicians, free from the backstabbing bankers and talk radio freaks and bickering pundits.  Free from the thought control “journalists” on ABC and CBS and NBC who don’t have a fucking clue what journalism is, free from having to watch them pander to a war criminal vice-president, free from the haunting shame of Abu Ghraib and Gitmo, free from having to watch Obama betray the Constitution and the rule of law.        

Somewhere along that high road,

The air began to turn cold.

She said she missed her home,

I headed on alone.

I miss things too.  I miss hearing John Lennon singing Give Peace a Chance, I miss seeing Democrats standing up for what’s right, I miss the days when Americans could breathe without choking on the stench of corruption, I miss the days when we could use currency without having to wipe the blood off it, I miss the Bill of Rights, I miss the idealism so many Americans used to have, I miss feeling the warmth of optimism in my soul.  

I miss all of those things.  Where did they go?   What happened to them?  How did it all go so wrong so fast?   Who can we trust?  Will anyone in power ever tell us the truth again?   Whatever became of the truth?   The Democratic-Republican Corporate Party buried it in an unmarked grave, that’s what became of it.

I stood alone on a mountain top,

Staring out at the Great Divide . . .

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I could go back, I could go on,

It was all up to me to decide.

Just then I saw the first stars shining,

And my soul began to rise.

And pretty soon,

My heart was singing . . .

Roll, roll me away,

I’m gonna roll me away tonight

Gotta keep rolling, gotta keep riding,

Keep speaking up for what’s right.

And as the sunset faded,

I spoke to the faintest first starlight,

And I said next time . . .

Next time . . .

We’ll get it right.  

Next time is here.

Next time is now.

Let’s get it right, Netroots.

Let’s.  Get.  It.  Right.  


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  1. If he doesn’t investigate torture, if he doesn’t prosecute torture, if he doesn’t enforce the Constitution and honor the rule of law, he’s not worthy of Netroots support.

  2. How are you Rusty?

    • Edger on May 25, 2009 at 04:46

    Ain’t no change in the weather

    Ain’t no changes in me

    Well there ain’t no change in the weather

    Ain’t no changes in me

    And I ain’t hidin from nobody

    Nobody’s hidin’ from me

    Oh, that’s the way its supposed to be

  3. Thanks for this one, Rusty, and

  4. Very powerful diary……thank you.

    • Alma on May 25, 2009 at 06:14

    birthday spankings?  🙂

    Have a good one buddy!

  5. for sending birthday wishes for you, for peace…

    Now everyone dreams of a love lasting and true

    But you and I know what this world can do

    So lets make our steps clear that the other may see

    And Ill wait for you

    If I should fall behind

    Wait for me

  6. May the next one be more on your terms.

  7. Very cool,

    I`ve been there also & feel like I`m traveling a similar road again, something I`ve always tried to avoid.

    I learnt my lessons the first time, or so I thought.

    Maybe it`s not me though, & others need to learn.

  8. and for those out there who have yet to hear of Playing for Change I recommend a look-see.


  9. …but happy birthday (anyway).  And congrats on a great diary.  Seger’s lyrics reminded me of my “Strange Taboos” poem.  N’est pas?

  10. I think you and everyone here might like to know, first of all that Susan Boyle, won the 2nd “wind-up” of Britain’s Got Talent, with her rendition of “Memory” from “Cats”* — another one that brings tears!  She’s a little shaky at the beginning (but, who wouldn’t be?) and then, she pulls through robustly! I have listened to her, watched her and absolutely have found her a “comfort” in these awful times of ours! She is a joy!  

    Hope you enjoy her, Rusty, and everyone else — something so good in so many bad times.

    *Cats’ Memory has always, but, I mean always, been absolutely one of my favorite show music pieces — totally beautiful and feeling and, I can only say that Susan Boyle does justice to that wonderful piece of music!

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