Southwest Shots

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America is not a suburb or a strip mall. It contains some vast unfathomable places. Places that evoke timelessness and spirituality regardless of one’s specific beliefs. As I hiked my middle aged self down and up trails I was struck by the way my petty thoughts, the ones that entertain me, the ones that occasionally obsess me, came to mean fundamentally nothing against the landscape.

Most of these pictures where taken at Zion, Bryce, and a few other parks and trails in and around Utah. Sadly, my talent does not match the majesty of the scenery but I hope they bring a slight sense of wonder and invoke my appreciation for a world that doesn’t change even as humanity swirls in confusion.



















Thanks for taking the time to look. Please feel free to offer up any recent pictures you have taken.

I have more pictures. For some reason I liked this group the best.


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  1. Oh,……… that kind of moonshine.

    Seriously, great pictures. I grew up in NE Colorado, out on the flatlands, but spent much of my out of school time up in the Rockies, and down in the Four Corners area. The shots you took look very much like SE Utah, perhaps NE Arizona, Canyonlands N.P., and Arches N.P., at least I think they are National Parks, they might be Wilderness areas. Names mean so little.

    Just seeing the pictures brings back so many , many memories of raft trips, horse trips, and of course the book “Monkey Wrench Gang”, by Edward Abbey. Anyone who hasn’t read that book should find it, and put it away for some mid-winter hilarity. Doc and the gang are timeless.

  2. That first one you took while hang-gliding is especially impressive.

    Ari Fleischer’s “I’m proud we kept America safe” response to why BushCo tortured people provided me with the opportunity to take this recent photo of earth from a ballistic height of 10,000 miles . . .

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  3. I live out here in the West and it is amazing. More people should see it first hand (though don’t think about living here, we don’t have the water to support the people and the growth we already have, sorry).  

    • RiaD on May 5, 2009 at 12:48 am

    thank you


  4. I`m getting vertigo just looking at these images.

    Very impressive photography.

    I`ll probably come back a few more times to revel in these marvels of nature you so well captured.

  5. It looks like you had a sunny trip with gorgeous blue skies to offset the colorful rocks.  I like looking at your flickr set to see the enlarged pics.    

    Spent many summer vacations camping in the West with my family – although as a child (and later a whiny teenager) I didn’t really appreciate it.  Zion is still one of my favorite places.  

  6.  I bet you didn’t even miss me. That is alright. I was bonding with the mountains.

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