So, The Dog Was Completely Wrong About Sen. Specter

Okay, there is nothing the Dog hates more than having to admit to being wrong (being a member of the First Church of the Fonz it is nearly against our religion!) but when you start to try to be in any fashion credible in commentary, even as a lowly poster on a community blog you have to be ready to walk back statements or arguments that are wrong.  

On Sunday the Dog posted a diary asking everyone to relax a little bit about Sen. Specter. The thesis was he was going to run around for a while trying to prove his independence, and then because he wanted to get nominate and re-elected he would start to swing toward the Democratic way of seeing things, any thing else would be political suicide. It would come down, in the end to him being like Sen. Lieberman, a weasel, but at the very least our weasel.

All the Dog can say is it sucks how wrong he could be in just two short days. As a political pragmatist in his heart and soul the Dog can not for the life of him figure out what the frak Sen. Specter is doing! The “I never said I would be a loyal Democrat” meltdown on Meet the Press was bad enough. If you think you are going to get the nomination of the Party in Pennsylvania then you should at the very least talk like you are a loyal Democrat!

Now we see in this diary by Setrak that Sen. Specter is calling for Norm Coleman to prevail in the Nov. 2008 (remember when elections were decided in the same month they were held?) election by means of the Minnesota Supreme Court! This really has to be the last fracking straw. The Dog can not imagine how the Senior (so very, very senior) Senator from Pennsylvania thinks he is going to win any primary in the Democratic Party when he is calling for our super majority clenching senate seat to be given the Republican who lost.

The Dog as a general rule tries to stay out of other States choice for candidate and office holder. There is something to be said about the people of the State being able to pick, but this is an exception the Dog is ready to make. Admitting a mistake is good, but putting action behind those words are how you redeem you credibility. So…

Rep. Sestack, you have the Dog’s support. Whatever he can do to encourage the former Admiral to run in the primary the Dog is going to do. When it comes time to phone bank, donate, write positive position diaries about Rep. Sestak or any other Democrat who will run, the Dog is going to do it. There is a limit to what you can do politically, and Sen. Specter has reached it. Changing party’s to get a better chance, while distasteful, is understandable. Do it and then shitting all over your new Party is unacceptable.

It is the Dog’s feeling that we should give Sen. Specter and any of the Democratic Leadership who would be apologists for him no rest. The Dog understands that promises have been made, and like it or not political promises should be kept. This is not the same as being a full throated advocate for him. Let the DSCC try to keep folks out of the primary, let the President raise money and even (holding his nose) campaign for Sen. Specter (Asshat, PA) they made a bad deal, it is clear, but we should not encourage them in the habit of breaking deals, lest they break ones they make with the Base. However there should be no excuses tendered or accepted.

This man has made a fool of the leadership and the President, but caveat emptor. They might have had assurances he is reneging on now. Some may argue this gives us reason to break the deal, but the Dog is not ready to go there. We can assure this is the last term for Sen. Specter without the leadership. We should do so at every turn.

The Dog expected folks to have a mental margarita about Sen. Specter, but it seems it was the hound that already had too much. That was a mistake this Dog intends to fix.

The floor is yours.


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  1. Margarita?


    2oz Suza Tequila (any gold color will do)

    2oz Triple Sec (La Roux is best)

    2oz Roses Lime Juice

    1oz Simple Syrup (bring 1cup sugar and 1/2 cup water to boil for five minutes, cool)

    Pour all ingredients into a shaker with five or six ice cubes, shake for 1 minute, pour into rocks glass, and relax!

    If you like a strawberry margarita, reduce the lime juice  by half, and blend with 3oz of frozen strawberry’s.

  2. M. le Chien: Sen Specter is doing a perfect job as an “old” Democrat.  He was against us before he was for us and is now against us again.  

  3. as the Republican Party collapses, I believe we’re going to see more Republicans wandering around in a daze, not sure where they belong. They’re fleeing their party, but they have no place to go that they’ll fit in.

    Really Lieberman and Specter have begin their own rightwing party, but they’ve not noticed that and pretend to be Democrats for their own political expediency.

    • Edger on May 6, 2009 at 00:50

    I still don’t think it’s a good idea for the Democratic Party to be joining Arlen Specter, especially in public, and I don’t care what his friends say. 😉

    Nice essay, Dog. 🙂

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