The Republicans and Rush are literally FORCING a truth commision by attacking Pelosi! She ain’t gonna resign, lol, so what else can she do but make sure there are investigations to clear HER!

Don’t tell em that though!

Go Idiot Republicans GO!!!

Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa, has also joined in on the Pelosi pile on. In an interview with Fox News, King called on Pelosi to resign and said that her charges against the CIA were “an outrageous accusation.”

After her covering up for Bush by taking Impeachment of the table, the fact that this is….erroneously, imo….biting her in the ass does not provoke much sympathy for her from me. It is obviously making her sweat, and it will lead to forcing investigations by the Dems to save her ass, I hope.

But …..shhhh!

Don’t tell the Republicans that!


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  2. sometimes, isn’t it?  

    Although I don’t feel too awfully sorry for Pelsoi–part of the reason she’s in this current situation is her own colossal misjudgment and hubris–I’m hesitant to celebrate the GOP’ers throwing her under the bus.  

    I believe she’s in a pretty grim situation, being under simultaneous assault by the GOP and the CIA–how do you defend yourself when your opponent is capable of framing you and coming up with the evidence to prove your guilt–even if they have to manufacture it themselves?

    Hopefully they don’t succeed in intimidating her to STFU & leave bush alone.  Hopefully the Congressional Dems won’t see her harrassment by the GOP’ers, and the CIA, not to mention the oddly coincidentally timed Cheney Propaganda Tour, as a warning that they could be next in the crosshairs of the mob GOP’er “Gotcha Express”.  Hopefully Obama will man up, realize that the bushies are not benign bungling buffoons who made some serious misjudgments, but that they are a clear and present danger to the country, even today–and that he will endorse the investigation, trial and conviction all the guilty, whoever they may be.


    • Edger on May 15, 2009 at 22:33

    Not one iota.

    Nor for republicans. But this may be the one time they don’t have to invent “evidence”…

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