Science Trumps Intelligent Design Again

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 by Al Bratton

While Bible-Thumping Creationists continue to teach that God’s Intelligent Design is responsible for the origin of Earth and Man, science continues to trump their efforts.

“Ten Amino Acids Thermodynamically Favored”

from Talk

In the famous Miller-Urey experiment, amino acids, the “building blocks of proteins,” can be relatively easily produced by simple, natural processes. Ten of the 20 life building amino acids were created in conditions similar to the atmosphere of a young planet Earth.

Bottom line:

“…if these 10 amino acids were the basis of life on Earth, and they form so favorably, then there’s a very good chance that life on other planets may have originally used the same 10 amino acids.”


“…the fact remains that life here on Earth might have a lot in common with life elsewhere….”



    • Edger on May 2, 2009 at 5:06 am

    Thanks for this!

    Maybe we should explain to the wingnuts that if “god” is all-powerful then “god” made reason, because s/he wanted them to use it.

    But then again there was really no reason to make wingnuts, and they probably wouldn’t get it anyway. 😉

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