Real Men Don’t Kill Children

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Are there any real men left in the United States?  I will proclaim myself as a “Real Man” because I don’t kill children.  But there are many others, particularly among our politicians, that are not real men.  I know Bush Junior and Poppy Bush aren’t real men.  The Bush family is the most evil and self absorbed famiy in American history.  And a family that appears to have never had a “real man” in its midst. The Bushs hired people who were not real men, such as Cheney, Wolfowicz, Rumsfeld, Petreaus, and Gates.  But now that Obama has hired the same type of people, and continued the U.S. practice of killing children in other countries, what am I supposed to think of him?

This approach comes from my grandfather.  He was a wonderful man who loved people, especially the little ones.  It was really great to have a grandpa that loved children.  As I grew older, he would talk to me about morals and ethics and the codes we all should live by.  He was always adamant that a man should be judged mostly by his actions toward other people.  And he refused to call those who harmed children a real man.  He always told me, they aren’t real men when they harm children.  Men who harm children are the lowest of the low.  I still agree with him more than forty years after his passing.

Bush and company managed to kill or cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands of children in Iraq and Afghanistan. His father, Poppy, managed to kill or cause the deaths of even more than that throughout his CIA career since the fifties.  Poppys father, Prescott, had no problem with causing the deaths of children to advance his and his cronies causes.  There doesn’t seem to be a real man in the entire Bush family history.

Now Obama is escalating the war on terrorism, as our elite have called it.  Or the Long War, whichever floats your boat. Same thing only different. He has hired General Stan McChrystal to ensure even more children are killed and injured.

Tom Englehardt has a good article on Dreams titled “Going for Broke: Six Ways the Af-Pak war is expanding.  Regarding McChrystal, he has this to say:  

“General McChrystal comes from a world where killing by any means is the norm and a blanket of secrecy provides the necessary protection. For five years he commanded the Pentagon’s super-secret Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), which, among other things, ran what Seymour Hersh has described as an “executive assassination wing” out of Vice President Cheney’s office. (Cheney just returned the favor by giving the newly appointed general a ringing endorsement: “I think you’d be hard put to find anyone better than Stan McChrystal.”

So we have another example of an Obama foreign policy decision pleasing the neo-cons.  During the Bush years, McChrystal was also very close to Rumsfeld, a man perhaps even more arrogant then even Cheney.  This is a guy who apparently is very skilled in torture and murder.

“The secret force of “manhunters” he commanded had its own secret detention and interrogation center near Baghdad, Camp Nama, where bad things happened regularly, and the unit there, Task Force 6-26, had its own slogan: “If you don’t make them bleed, they can’t prosecute for it.” Since some of the task force’s men were, in the end, prosecuted, the bleeding evidently wasn’t avoided.  Behind McChrystal lies a string of targeted executions that may run into the hundreds, as well as accusations of torture and abuse by troops under his command.”

So besides Gates and Petraeus, Obama now presents us with McChrystal, another child killer, not to mention a torturer and an assassin.  He apparently is “going for broke” as Englehardt states in his article.   Considering that the entire Global War on Terror is nebulous at best, at most probably a complete fabrication by the Bush adminstration, it is hard to understand Obamas complete acceptance relative to his mantra for change.  Then again, if the entire program is aimed at imperialistic manuveurs for oil, minerals, and strategic world military placements as most independent foreign policy experts understand, Obamas foreign policy is easy to understand.  The military industrial complex, which includes big oil, Wall Street, and big business has been in control of this country for decades and no President since Kennedy has made moves to tame it.  That type of bravodo was put to rest forever.  

So I’m calling out Obama and Gates, Petraeus, and the newly minted McChrystal.  Real men don’t kill children.  Bush, his father, and his father’s father have been proven to not be real men.  Cheney and Rumsfeld are not real men.  I realize you’ve already been responsible for the killing of children.  In my book, written by my dear Grandpa, you aren’t real men either.  

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  1. in the animal kingdom.  Killing their kids and fucking their women is apparently an ESS (evolutionarily stable strategy).  Only we’re supposedly better than animals.  Only not.

  2. so in short  also want to say that McChrystal is a scary dude here.

    • Inky99 on May 24, 2009 at 06:40

    ….. whom, exactly?

    That’s what I want to know.  It sure as hell ain’t us.

    Seems to be the same people Bush/Cheney, et al. worked for.

  3. on dKos, 20% (only 9 votes tho) voted Yes to “should children be killed to keep Americans safe”.  May have been a couple who voted that way simply because they didn’t like my diary, but it still is rather disgusting.  Imagine the percentage of “non-progressive” types.  

  4. Knowing the pro-war stance of many on that site. It makes me shudder.

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