Partisan Witch Hunt? Focus On Democrats Too

Here in rabid Liberal blog land, we are obviously only interested in revenge on Republicans. We don’t actually CARE about torture, you understand, or justice, we are just out for vengeance and retribution upon the Evile Republicans. We hate them so much we will do anything to get them…

And the indisputable fact that they engaged in an organized, planned, infra-structured,

“legally” supported, researched, (though not well researched, because of the legendary Republican incompetence) well funded, and widespread continent spanning, Policy of Torture that was carried out against in some cases people known to be innocent, and in over 100 cases, tortured them to death….has absolutely nothing to do with my desire for investigations.

The fact that we are pursuing investigations to bring about justice and accountability to expose, forever repudiate, and hold accountable the torturers and those who authorized torture is just ….an excuse.

An excuse to carry out a “partisan witch hunt” to slake our bloodthirsty (even though WE weren’t the ones who tortured innocent people) desire to pick on and defame the poor innocent persecuted Republicans. Republicans whose incompetence and stupidity extended so far as to lead them so far as to wrongly and illegally invade an entire country. And proceed kill thousands upon thousands of people after 9/11 for specious reasons….that obviously included some form of revenge, vengeance, or …retribution. And ….torture innocent people.


But WE are the irrational, bloodthirsty ones.

Because we want investigations.



Fine. Since I am rational, I recognize, and to some extent accept, that America has indeed become a crazed nation of irrational partisanship.

(Personally, I blame the Republicans, those bastards. )

But the quest for justice for the multiple Bush Administration War Crimes is NOT based on partisanship. It is based on the fact that the Bush Administration….

….committed War Crimes.

And no matter who committed War Crimes….War crimes, as we used to know before the hyper-partisan era came along….are wrong. We, as a nation used to know that. We used to prosecute people for War Crimes. We used to be the leader of the entire world when it came to Human Rights.

We aren’t now. And yes, part of that is because of hyper-partisanship.

After all, hyper-partisanship and the unhealthy over self-identification with Party above all is one of the few things that could lead normal rational humans to actually bring themselves to rationalize and defend War Crimes.

The Bush Administration War Crimes are incredibly well documented. As many of us have been predicting for years, the more the press and the government investigate, the more documentation comes to light. Bush has admitted authorizing waterboarding, Cheney has admitted authorizing waterboarding. Yesterday Condi admitted being party to the criminal conspiracy to torture. The Senate Armed Services Report says that Rumsfeld authorized torture. There are thousands of pictures ….and video tapes…of people being tortured.

We are not pulling this stuff out of our hyper-partisan asses folks.


And to prove it….

I hereby call for the same kind of full and comprehensive investigations and, if warranted, prosecutions of the Democratic leaders…all four of them….that were briefed to some extent or another, on the Bush Torture Program.

Nancy Pelosi

Jane Harman

Jay Rockefeller

Tom Daschle

Those were the four House and Senate leaders that made up the Democratic half of the Gang of Eight that were briefed.

And heck, I will even throw in Harry Reid, though his tenure most likely started too late to receive the briefings.

And yes, I hereby call for the investigation of the Clinton Rendition Program.

If these Democrats are implicated deeply enough to warrant it then yes, I call for them to be prosecuted. If they are guilty, I call for them to be jailed.

Right alongside George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condi Rice, Don Rumsfeld, David Addington, and Yoo, Bybee, and Bradbury.

And whoever else is shown through a rigorous but fair and thorough investigation of the vast, well defined, thoroughly spelled out, medically and psychiatrically assisted brutal, bloody, inhuman criminal conspiracy the was the Bush Torture Program.

Even though I am a Democrat.

Really, I swear.


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  1. Photobucket

    The fact that it is Bush that will end up in the dock is just a bonus.

    • Edger on May 1, 2009 at 20:14

    Jack Bauer:

    Say it again! Or I’ll break your other wrist!

  2. … of history on the Clinton renditions.

    Bottom line, according to McJoan (last comment on thread):

    Once Congress outlawed it

    the Clinton administration stopped doing it. It was absolutely illegal when the Bush administration started it up again.

    I dunno.  I think prosecutions should be limited to the matter at hand, the Cheney/Bush misAdministration’s criminal actions.  I agree that if Dems were a part of this let the chips fall where they may.

    I certainly wouldn’t mind having the Pike Committee Report declassified so we can see what the CIA was up to for so many decades.  I think our intelligence agencies need to be investigated.

    But the crimes of Cheney/Bush should get their own investigation, imo.

  3. Just a heads up, Dan Froomkin does a great job of taking about that conservative windbag and torture apologist Charles Krauthammer’s column on torture. I thought the folks around here would want to read it, you can find it a this link.  

  4. excuses what Bushco did, but I just have to say that this statement

    We used to be the leader of the entire world when it came to Human Rights.

    doesn’t pass the smell test to me. I think its a lie we tell ourselves to try to justify our “exceptionalism.” And for me, if we don’t come to terms with that, it will be hard to ever get to the place where we stop this kind of thing from happening again.

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