I want for all

Good Evening everyone who is still up.  I just wanted to take this opportunity to say what I want for our world.  On this Memorial day wwekeend, after too much wine, I find the world at the forefront of my mind.  There is a lot of chaos .  There is a a lot of crime.  But what I want is sensibleness exercised.  I want people to realize that you don’t do wrong because others do.  You don’t fight fire with fire. You have to give up and let go of the things that are wrong.  You have to forgive,  You have to move forward.

For everyone please move forward.


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  1. Iraq who can’t move forward because they’re dead.  There are human beings in Gitmo who can’t move forward because they’re locked in cages.  There are too many soldiers killing themselves because their own government lied us into a war and they can’t live with what they’ve seen.

    We need justice to move forward.

    I don’t forgive war criminals.  They are beyond forgiveness.  

  2. without justice for the dead and wounded in body and soul?

    I demand justice and accountability so this will never happen again in this country! I want the pictures released so everyone of those war cheerleaders has to face the reality they created. This country will not be able to move forward unless they acknowledge the horror that was committed in their name and hold the ones responsible to account.

    I know how painful this can be, I’m German.

    Last week one of the few surviving Nazi criminals was deported to Germany to be tried for his crimes. This is what justice/accountability looks like.

    You cannot forget this happened. It is time for the US to grow up.

    • dkmich on May 25, 2009 at 17:12

    From the 60s, “no justice, no peace”.   There is so much injustice right now, it is hard to forget or forgive.  

    • Edger on May 25, 2009 at 17:33

    Unless you want to “move forward” to a world in which all this stuff just keeps on happening because no one is ever held to account for it, and a world in which “rule of law” is only empty meaningless vote getting political rhetoric, and law only applies to those without the money and connections to evade it and evade paying for the torture and killing of well over a million innocent people.

    Memorial Day is a day for remembering… everything.

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