Good Democrats MUST Back Pelosi

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We have all watched the Republican attack machine turn its sights on and destroy many and various people and entities over the last eight years.

Now, one of the “leaders” of the Democratic Party has become their target. The Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (bio). Third in line to be President, second only to Harry Reid in political importance during this time of Change, first woman Speaker, and someone who has done as much if not more to take back the government from the Republicans and give it to the current coalition of Democrats than anyone. At any cost.

Throughout her life, Nancy Pelosi has done all she could for the powerful Democratic Machine in the San Francisco Bay Area, has worked tirelessly to promote electing Democrats in California at every level, has done an extraordinary job at the same task on the national level and has been the very definition of a team player. She has been a key force in electing more Democrats and advancing the Democratic Party’s agenda.

And now she is under attack.

We, as Good Democrats, must now do all that we can to make sure that Speaker Pelosi is paid back for all of her efforts on behalf of The Party.


Speaker Pelosi has always put the good of the party first, above all other considerations. She has consistently made the hard choices to ensure the electoral dominance of The Party. Now is the time for all Good Democrats to repay that loyalty, to back Speaker Pelosi. We owe it to her.

As Speaker Pelosi said recently in one of her press conferences, she determined on her own that the interests of the party would be best served not by publicly opposing torture, but by working hard to elect Democratic Majorities to Congress and, presumably a Democratic President. It was her determination that this was the best way to address the horrors of torture. And she did, at great sacrifice.

Will we as Good Democrats now abandon her?

It was Nancy Pelosi who, to make sure that The Republicans were held fully responsible, defeated efforts to de-fund the Iraq War, in the interests of The Party. It was Nancy Pelosi who, as many at Daily kos assiduously pointed out,  determined that the interests of The Party precluded any attempt to oppose the Bush Administration by rigorously investigating them. Knowing that that would be bad for The Party, as it would be perceived as overly partisan, as revenge. It was Nancy Pelosi who preemptively took impeachment off the table to prevent any efforts to hold the Bush Administration accountable, lest those efforts tarnish the integrity of the Democratic Congress. She determined that those efforts  might lead to endangering the chances of The Party in the upcoming elections, and she served The Party by halting those efforts.

Nancy Pelosi made the decision that the nation would not elect Democrats if they appeared to be opposing too strongly, or even in the worst case scenario, appeared to be trying to ‘punish’ the Bush Administration for its actions.

She did everything she could to make sure that did not happen.

When Dennis Kucinich laid out all of the crimes of the Bush Administration in his impeachment resolutions, it was Nancy Pelosi who protected The Party by quashing them. John Conyers had literally written a book on the crimes of the Bush Administration and was eagerly preparing to indict and impeach them as soon as the Democrats gained the majority that would allow it. In the interest of The Party, Nancy Pelosi stopped him.

Of course we can never know if Speaker Pelosi’s efforts on behalf of The Party were what made the difference in the ’08 elections. The voters were so fed up with the actions of the Bush Administration….even without having all of the information that Speaker Pelosi prevented from emerging….that they may well have turned the Republicans out of office as resoundingly as they did anyway.

We can never really know if all of her efforts were what made the difference. If she had not been so adamant in leading the efforts to let the politically unpopular war continue and to not reveal the crimes of the Bush Administration through the investigations necessary to the impeachment process, would The Party would have benefited as much as it did? So that now it could be making such a difference in these areas.

But we DO know that she, nearly all on her own, DID make those determinations.

And we do know that The Party is now in a position to address these issues as strongly as it is doing.

The Party is now in the position to enact Single Payer Health Care, or at least a Public Option. They now have that power. We know that The Party DOES have the power to make sure that Climate Change Legislation is not watered down. We know that The Party DOES now have the power to pass EFCA. We know that The Party does have the power to address the problems created at Gitmo due to the fact that people, even innocent people, were imprisoned without trial, and were tortured. And so now cannot be tried conventionally. We know that The Party now has the power to address the issue of torture itself, and the fact that torture was used to try to find justification to invade Iraq.

The Party can now do ALL of those things. We have the votes, or they are within relatively easy reach. The Party has succeeded in removing the Republicans as a political threat. Surely now The Party will do all of the things it has claimed that it could not do before this.

Is all of that due to the efforts of Nancy Pelosi on behalf of The Party?

We do not know. But we do know that Nancy Pelosi sacrificed so much…on behalf of The Party.

And now The Party needs to stand behind her, as she is being so viciously attacked, being called a hypocrite, a liar, and someone more interested in advancing politics over the larger interests of the good of the country.

There is only one way to clear her good name.

Thorough investigations of ALL of these issues.

It is time for all Good Democrats, from The President and Harry Reid at the top, to the lowliest “activists” at the bottom of The Party to strongly come out in favor of full, deep and thorough investigations of all that occurred during the Bush Administration.

Nancy Pelosi has ALWAYS put The Party first, no matter what.

Nancy Pelosi is owed for that. It is time for her to be paid back for all that she has done.


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  1. “The weird turn pro.”

    What IS….



    • Edger on May 16, 2009 at 20:10

    The Edge… There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.

    — Hunter S. Thompson

    • kj on May 16, 2009 at 20:46

    i’m not going to back Pelosi.  😀  bitching about her actions (or lack of actions) is the only link i with conservatives.  and as long as they can admit she knew about torture, and torture is, gasp, wrong! then it’s a shorter trip to linking bush/cheney et al.  

    of course, i also suspect this essay is snark.  😀

  2. you sure as shit got this right:

    Nancy Pelosi has ALWAYS put The Party first, no matter what.

    Remind me again why I care about this. Oh nevermind.  

  3. a good democrat – far as I’m concerned the minority leader was told about torture and failed her oath of office.

    The question is why.

    Why was impeachment “off the table”?

    My guess is that the NSA wiretaps had some very significant dirt on her, and she was blackmailed into saving Bush’s ass.

    Just a guess.

  4. At first I was afraid you had lost your mind. If Nancy had been half as assiduous in defending democracy as in protecting the interests of the Party, I’d have her back 100%. Unfortunately,

    It was Nancy Pelosi who preemptively took impeachment off the table to prevent any efforts to hold the Bush Administration accountable, lest those efforts tarnish the integrity of the Democratic Congress.

    Any defense Nancy gets will have to come from those who believe, as she does, that Party comes before Country. You know — Republicans. If you sleep with dogs….

  5. “It was in that historic context that Lenin defined democratic centralism as “freedom of criticism, unity in action.””

  6. whenever a Republican attacked…I figured there must be a reason….is it California Values that are at stake now that Miss California is hot and Pelosi is not?

    I suspect anything and everything any Republican says. They are nothing if not political.

    As an Election Judge, a co-judge(R) told me that he hated illegal immigrants and would not help one if that immigrant were dying in the street. There is a lack of compassion and intellect here if not a lack of religion. Oh, wait, I am the atheist and he is the devout Christian church-goer. I must be mistaken.

    The question is what is it that the Republicans are doing?…is it just to discredit any and all Democrats for any and all reasons? I think they are treading a fine line…they are running a risk of looking totally irrelevant if the best they can do is Dick Cheney and his daughter Lynn…and renaming the Democratic Party.

  7. yeah right. Look under the table, there it is. The whole freakin storyline has become so surreal that they all seem to be morphing into one big unbelievable badly acted farce. This show would be funny if not for the fact that they have the power to turn our world to shit and have. She was just trying to keep us safe, and after all what good is the Constitution?          

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