An Appeal To Meteor Blades

It has come to my attention that you have been made new community overlord over at Daily Kos.

Congratulations and may I respectfully ask that in your first 100 days of office you release my handle from Guantrollano Bay, Cuba:…

I see no reason for my handle to have been banned.

It’s my real name, what the hell could I possibly do with my real name attached to it that others would be afraid of?!

Unless you are of the belief that some need to remain in “prolonged detention” because I am considered a threat to the Daily Kos.

I can see why seeing how I was e-waterboarded by members of that site to give up my real life info and therefore I am thought to wanting to seek vengeance.

The truth is I want peace.

I want to be afforded the same rights as all others who follow the laws of the Daily Kos.

My original banning under “Jack’s Smirking Revenge” has been reviewed by numerous ex-kos kops who didn’t see a reason for me to even be banned in the first place and who disagree with the methods used to ban and eventually extract information through blackmail.

They agree that the last Administration was wrong to ban me.

I respectfully request full reinstatement if it is a power given to you or at least your influence to have my case reviewed.

Thank you for your time.


Jay Emerson  


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  1. (And I thought I’d seen ’em all!)  What did you say that got you banned?

  2. Why do you want to be reinstated to an arena of which you note:

    “just the fact that the place is filled with uptight douchewads that whip out the Holy Writ of FAQ when clearly wanting to ban on personal dislike rather then actual rule breaking”

    You don’t say there is one or two people with whom you have such problems, but that the place is filled with them. Why would you wish re-entry to such a place?

    Just asking because curiosity may have killed the cat but it was satisfaction that brought him back ;-7

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