What Does One Say to the President?

We are talking about a new petition For a Special Prosecutor on Torture, directly to President Obama. As well as an e-mail campaign urging the Press to start pressing the Pres on the question of investigating torture. Today, let’s deal with the President part.

There are many approaches and tones possible.

From Yo, Barry!


You Imperialist Running Capitalist Dog, we are petitioning you to…

We need to set the right tone, include the right facts, but not too many of them. We need to make People eager to sign the petition, the easiest way to do that is to use impressive rhetoric. But we also need the petition to have the desired effect on those in power. On the off chance that they might actually READ it, lol.

Imo, the main thrust has to be The Rule of Law. Should we also appeal to morality?

Beyond that, should we be accusatory and include polite language about cover-ups and collusion and accessory after the fact?

Do we act as supplicants to Power? Pleading for Justice?

Do we act as citizens seeking justice? Demanding Justice?

Do we threaten, or implore, or a little of both?

Above all, what would be the most effective? For both audiences?

Share your thoughts!


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    • dkmich on April 4, 2009 at 8:07 pm

    small lady liberty

  2. two groups have different motivations.

    For the Reporters, we have to stress this is a failure for the administration, even though most of the public is not yet asking for this. This lets them play against the “popular president” meme and makes it more of a story.

    For the president it has to be about law. He is an officer of the court, but more than that he really does believe in the law so we should make him think about that.

    I also think we need to start hitting David Axelrod and CoS Rham Emmanuel as they are the political guys that are telling him that this won’t play well with the people. As long as they are not hearing from us on a regular basis, they are going to assume their contention that the American people will let this drop is correct. If we start hitting them on a regular basis with all the arguments we can muster it will at least let them know there is a core of folks that is not going to let this drop ever.  

  3. okay… let’s see. Yes, Rule of Law, Mr. President.

    more on that next round.

    On selling it to the potential petitioners…

    yes, we’re selling it.

    well, there’s us. Then theres, ya know, dkmich & edger. lol. But what about the people, there’s a LOT of them, who are self-proclaimed “moderates” on this issue. Who urge reserve, caution, wait n see, or I dont care/wheres my rebate?

    Actually, a portion of that camp is who Im targeting in my New Series, adn I got some I think (!). They do agree in principle but they just don’t see where’s the fire?.

    They might sign it, I guess, but they might need coaxing. Also I don’t think angry and demanding directed AT BHO is wise…. for several reasons.

    Ill go re-read that one of yours Dog, I remember that.

    There were a couple of interesting comments last night in my late night Rachel Diary too, at the orange.

    • Edger on April 4, 2009 at 8:58 pm

    and have access to his email list?

  4. lol… seriously Ill  write some more thoughts on this tonight. Theyve been brewing for a while anyway (the idea I mean).

    I am still on the mail list for Women For Obama and a local one as well. Procrastinating still  on the unsub. They are VERY quiet though. People were supposed to move over to OFA I think.

    LIGHT BULB Pictures, Images and Photos

    “The Babes”. Women. Ya know, Michelle…. Military Familes…


  5. http://www.dailykos.com/story/

    Off to  wash dishes … or something

  6. Torture is the most visible eyesore on the Wall of Bush administration shame, but while we’re on the subject there are a couple of other little things too…

    People need to revisit Kucinich’s Articles of Impeachment, or perhaps Hugh’s List, to fully grasp the enormity of what is being IGNORED by a lack of accountability.

    Were there to be an effort to prosecute Rove for outing Valerie Plame, they’d have him cold. And that’s just one issue.

  7. and in keeping with this humanity demands a new compact between its governments and life itself………

    that is my vote……

  8. comment reply stream to buhdy yesterday again, same Vyan diary at the O.J.

    just sayin’.

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