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executing jews Pictures, Images and PhotosThe Nuremberg Retributions were one of the lowest points in 20th century history.  The aftermath of the Second World War should have been a time for looking ahead, not for laying blame for the past. Unfortunately, too many people failed to understand that well-intentioned Germans accused of war crimes were just following orders and acting in good faith.  Those dedicated patriots in the Whermacht and hard working public servants in the SS were men of integrity, they didn’t shirk their responsibility to keep the German homeland safe from Jewish, Polish, Russian, Rumanian, Yugoslavian, French, British, Danish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, American, Greek, Dutch, Norwegian, Canadian and Belgian fanatics, extremists, and non-combatants.

Unlike 50 million human beings, this Dedicated Defender of the Homeland Paradigm survived the Second World War.  With a vengeance.  It was alive and well in Bush and Cheney’s White House, and it’s alive and well in Obama’s White House.  Take notes everyone, that patriotic act in the photo wasn’t a war crime, it was just defending the homeland . . .

I’ve learned recently that the aftermath of the Second World War should have been a time for reflection, not retribution.  Everyone should have respected the strong views and emotions of Germans who defended their country through a war crime or two, just as much as they respected the strong views and emotions of the people whose loved ones were executed and dumped in a ditch, bombed, tortured, gassed, burned in ovens, and condemned as subhuman parasites unfit to exist.

But vengeance prevailed over common sense.  Retribution was insisted upon by persecutors waving the “rule of law” in everyone’s face, they rambled on and on and on about “justice” but all they were really after was payback and revenge.  So many German children who loved their dedicated fathers had to watch with tears in their eyes while their fathers were slandered in the newspapers and demonized by finger pointing trial lawyers parading around for the newsreel cameras.        


The world had been through a dark and painful chapter in its history. But at a time of great challenges and disturbing disunity between those guilty of war crimes and their victims, people should have realized that nothing would be gained by spending time and energy laying blame for the past. Germans made some well-intentioned mistakes, like invading 28 countries, and Jews made some well-intentioned mistakes, like being born Jewish.    

It just goes to show that none of us is perfect, so why did so many people want to point fingers? Every single person who died in that war would have died at some point anyway, so why were so many people so outraged that well-intentioned Germans defending their homes and families efficiently bombed cities and torpedoed ships and organized camps so people could die together companionably instead of wasting away alone in some nursing home in 1983?

Was that so wrong?

A famous Jewish advocate of forgiveness and brotherhood once said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”  But did that lynch mob of activist judges at Nuremberg listen to him?  No.  They threw stones of retribution, they threw stones of vengeance, they stoned the daylights out of patriotic Germans who may have hazed a few prisoners now and then but who meant well, and showed no mercy to the dedicated public servants of Himmler and Eichmann, who were just obeying the orders they got and just passed them along to other dedicated public servants at Treblinka, Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen, and Dachau.      

Who would want to look back at that and reopen old wounds?  Who would want to look back and lay blame when it was so important to look ahead to genocide in the Sudan and genocide in Cambodia and genocide in Rwanda and wars of aggression in Korea and Vietnam and East Timor and the Middle East and the Balkans and Chechniya and Iraq?  

The self-righteous persecutors of Nuremberg, that’s who.  They had this silly fucking idea that prosecuting and convicting powerful politicians and generals who launched wars of aggression and ordered torture had some sort of moral justification.  

They must have thought the world might finally change for the better if someone always stood up for justice, confronted powerful men with overwhelming evidence of their crimes, and sent them to prison. What a bunch of sanctimonious purists.  Thank God those naive jackasses aren’t here today embarrassing everyone with their quaint HOPE that the world might CHANGE if leaders said YES WE CAN when justice cried out for the prosecution of powerful warmongering criminals and their torturers, spies, and Constitution burning hacks.          

Fortunately for current and future war criminals, President Obama is much more sophisticated than those Nuremberg dolts.  He realizes that the great and inspiring national greatness of great and national nations is embedded in their ability to ignore their core values when doing otherwise would get complicated, and to move forward with confidence in their limitless capacity for hypocrisy and moral cowardice.  

President Obama Pictures, Images and Photos

So just chill out, everyone, especially you pot-smoking, petition-signing, far left, dirty fucking hippie bloggers.  As the Complicity Guy says, we must resist engaging in vengeance like those Nuremburg finger pointers did, we must overcome the forces that divide lawbreakers in the political, military, and intelligence establishments from the rest of us who respect the law, and instead come together and be grateful that we live in this Shining City on a Hill where no one is above the law except torturers, Wall Street bankers, war profiteers, NSA spies, and Republican politicians.  


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  1. And history ain’t changed,

    The same banners will be flown in the next war.

    There’s nothing in the streets,

    Looks any different to me,

    Just the slogans were replaced, by-the-bye . . .

    • Alma on April 20, 2009 at 08:17

    the people that don’t want to prosecute.  I think they got ahold of some koolaide.  They don’t make any sense at all.

    I like the way you subtley pointed that out Rusty.  

    • Edger on April 20, 2009 at 11:58

    Well done!

    • Viet71 on April 20, 2009 at 12:40

    Punishment, of course, never undoes the crime.

    Nor does it measurably deter future crime.

    And in an enlightened society, vengeance is never properly the basis for a criminal law.

    So we come to realize that criminal law has no basis in reason.

    Obama, a Harvard-trained lawyer, knows this full well.

    He knows that punishing the torturers would accomplish no more than slaking the vengeance thirst of certain (understandably) upset Americans.

    We elected Obama to be our leader.  He is leading us into the future and away from the past.


  2. and more ponies for you, Rusty.


  3. Activate!

    • geomoo on April 20, 2009 at 18:42

    So many illuminating turns of phrase.  Thanks.

    Anyone with forty years worth of bodies buried in the back yard would be understandably resistant to letting someone dig up the recent ones buried in the front.

    I’ve lost heart for this blogging thing.  It’s starting to feel increasingly empty.  But I will recover.  I’m pushing myself to get something written today.

    Thanks again, Rusty.

  4. it isn’t the first time……

    we have always done this……..

    this has always been a nation with two laws………

    one for itself and one for everyone else…….

    one for the priveleged and one for everyone else…..

    one for the rich and one for the poor…..

    I will never vote again…….

  5. is duly noted, as I’m sure by others, as well!

    Somehow, someway, we have to make these investigations and prosecutions occur, otherwise I can only see a downward spiral of this country and downward doesn’t have much further to go.

    Thanks, Rusty!

  6. The first photo is in a different spot than when I posted this, it’s on top and aligned left now, and the caption is in the text, so I rephrased it to indicate the photo a little more clearly.

  7. as usual. Sorry I missed it yesterday. Your writing is much appreciated.  

    • Arctor on April 20, 2009 at 20:57

    Harvard and how easy it must be to get a gig teaching Constitutional Law, ’cause it looks like President Obama was out sick the day they taught laws against torture nor does it look like he taught any in his class. What a fraud?

  8. Very well done.

    In any language.

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