Solitary Dancing

I sometimes dance alone

Away from other’s eyes

To free my mind’s constraints

That limit what I try

An energetic Cossack

A peering, timid fawn

My repertoire is endless

So long’s the blinds are drawn

My inhibitions fade

Like safe chameleon’s hues

Returning with the knock

Of friends I fear to lose


  1. It gives me the opportunity to tell you that a couple of your posts – On Moderates and Radicals and Why do we honor warriors are some of the best in the blogosphere. I reference them often.

    I hope this one means that perhaps you’ll write here more often.

    And FABULOUS poem!!

    It might sound silly, but when I was in junior high – I remember well the hours I spent dancing alone in our living room (the only place we had a record player – remember those?) Its a good memory! And you won’t catch me admitting that I still do it…no you won’t!

    Ahhh, the power of solitude…

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