‘run ads with fancy graphics to show we care …

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… while we’re lobbying politicians to punch the treaty full of loopholes”.

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AVAAZ.org‘s “Stop Climate Spin” campaign.

AVAAZ has the hat out to raise the money to get the ad on heavy rotation at CNN. Also, if you can donate views, ratings, favorites and comments at Youtube, that’s another way to raise the profile.

(h/t A Siegel at Agent Orange)

Coal and Oil Industry CEO: One of the biggest challenges for those of us in the oil and coal industry is preventing strong action on climate change.

CEO: It used to be easy. We ignored the problem, bought bigger and bigger private jets,

and politicians always followed our lead.

CEO: But now, leaders are negotiating a binding global treaty to stop the climate crisis.

CEO: They’ll create millions of jobs in a new, cleaner economy.

CEO: My jet! [image of CEO’s jet]

CEO: so our new strategy – run ads with fancy graphics to show you we care while we’re

lobbying politicians to punch the treaty full of loopholes. But your leaders are committing to a global treaty – please, don’t hold them to it.

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    • BruceMcF on April 29, 2009 at 21:05

  1. began when alternating current was fathered by Nicola Tesla.  His financier J.P. Morgan of course demanded that people be charged for energy.  That meme continues to this day.  How dare you imagine you could ever possibly be independent by having your own electricity.

    Al Gore’s CO2 bullshit is crap.  It is crap, criminal crap because it focuses all attention on the singularity of us burning shit, any shit.  Do you actually want to give up the assumed “right” you previously enjoyed in being allowed to burn shit?  Do you know an Amish family you can live with?  As soon as tomorrow?  Note here I love the enviornment, have a science background but have to display extreme contempt for Big bogus Al’s arguments as there are myriads of other things we could easily give up and still maintain life.

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