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Songs Around The World CD/DVD In Stores Now!!



The Latest Song: Chanda Mama

This Song Around The World is a folk tune from Chennai, India. We started the track in New Orleans and added musicians from the across the globe before finally delivering it the people of it’s origin. We ended up in Chennai recording and filming the vocals from the Oneness Choir. The track has a feeling of perseverance and joy and features vocalists from four continents.

Today, April 28th, 2009 is a big day and has been a long time coming. After 4 years of filming and recording musicians around the globe, we are finally releasing our album “Playing For Change: Songs Around The World” featuring a 10 song CD and 7 track DVD. This is a collection of songs and videos featuring over 100 musicians from around the world that have never met in person, but have been brought together through the power of music

Click here to visit the site  or visit your favorite Starbucks location to pick up a copy in person!.

Today is our chance to show the world that independent projects designed to connect and inspire people can be successful. If you have been moved by the music you’ve heard or the videos you have seen from Playing For Change then I encourage you to purchase the CD/DVD for yourself and/or give it to a family member or friend as a gift. Our continuing journey is not possible without your support.

The album demonstrates that regardless of our religion, race, gender, or political views we can unite through music. The time is now to unite as a human race and this global collaboration driven by your love and encouragement is designed to lead us in that direction.

After supporting the movement, take your own online journey and get to know the musicians through our new site (which will be updated regularly with new videos, songs, photos and much more … ).

Thank you for your help and keep your thoughts, questions and advice coming. Together, we will continue to connect the world through music.

One Love,

Mark Johnson

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“Songs Around The World (CD + DVD)”


    • jimstaro on April 28, 2009 at 14:20

    Washington DC

    “I ask all Americans to make a renewed commitment to serving their community and their country. We’re going to have to take responsibility – all of us.”

    – President Barack Obama

    General Session: The Coalition Reports from the Field

    The Coalition for Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans are at the forefront of service delivery and advocacy on behalf of military, veterans, families and survivors. Member organizations work in a diverse array of fields from employment and housing assistance to mental healthcare to policy advocacy. We welcome the opportunity during this general session to highlight the latest issues facing our military veteran community and demonstrate the innovative work of CIAV organizations. Iraq and Afghanistan veterans will discuss obstacles faced during transition and we will share a special screening of the groundbreaking documentary series In Their Boots profile of Project Victory’s extraordinary Traumatic Brain Injury treatment center.

    Topics – Agenda:

    Outreach and Support for Military Children

    No one feels the burden of deployment more than military children. Emotional and educational support is crucial to helping these children cope with the stress and anxiety of having a parent deployed overseas in a war zone. Panelists:

    Suicide in the Military: Caring for the Surviving Families

    Today’s military members are enduring multiple deployments, extended tours, combat fatigue and losing buddies all while trying to maintain their relationships and lives at home. The costs of war are taking a toll on the military family which unfortunately is resulting in a drastic increase in the suicide rate among service members both at home and abroad. Panelists:

    Public, Private, and Community Partnerships

    This panel illustrates how collaborative efforts between government, private, nonprofit organizations, and the community strengthen the system of care and support for those who serve. Panelists:

    Post Traumatic Stress, Traumatic Brain Injury, and Pain: Treating the Whole Person

    Not all physical injuries and wounds are visible and often the development of mental health issues begin with untreated or under-treated pain related to combat and the physical stress of military life. This panel will address the importance of addressing the physical as well as emotional wounds of combat. Panelists:

    Physical and Mental Healthcare: Access to Services and Amplifying Needs

    Accessing care is the first step in the journey of coming home. This panel will address the importance of quality treatment and access to services for service members and veterans. Panelists:

    Peer Support: Helping Each Other Find A Way Home

    Peer support is an integral component for many CIAV organizations in helping veterans of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. This panel will discuss what peer support is and how it contributes to the veteran’s well being. Panelists will discuss how to develop a wellness model and integrate peer support into ongoing services and programs. Panelists:

    Economic Welfare: Access to Benefits, Housing and Employment

    This panel will discuss the economic components of transition for the OIF/OEF veteran. CIAV panelists will address housing, access to VA compensation, legal services, and employment and training programs. The dialog will also touch upon homelessness, military discharge status, and mental health as job readiness, and other issues that complicate the transition process. Panelists:

    Engaging the Media: A Look Inside Coverage of the War and Where We Go Next

    How can two media outlets tell one story so differently? With the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan we have seen our news outlets arrive at different conclusions and shape the opinions of the American public. For nonprofit organizations and activists, it is important to recognize how the stories of these two wars are shaped and to be aware of how journalists shape their stories. This panel will consist of renowned journalists including:

    The First Annual Conference

    The First Annual Conference helped us to utilize our collective resources and embark on a long-term strategic planning process with simple goals: to ensure access to appropriate quality resources for military, veterans, families and survivors. Moving forward, we hope to capitalize on our individual strengths and work together to break down barriers between the military and civilian community to build a stronger, more effective, more efficient, more caring and more comprehensive system of care for decades to come.

    For a full report on the 1st Annual Conference, read:

    “Moving Forward: Strengthening Services for our Military, Veterans, Families, and Survivors” (pdf document).

    To find out more and sign up Visit Site

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