News Alert! Sen. Chuck Schumer is FOR investigations!

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This will be the shortest essay evah!  Just had to interrupt your current “program” with this news!

A quick call to Sen. Schumer’s office might be in order!  Yes?

h/t David Swanson


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  1. I like what he said and how he said it!  

    You, too?

  2. All I heard him saying is “Ees not my yobb, mon.”

    I’m tired of these people blowing sunshine up my ass and passing the buck. This was nothing but candied-up passing the buck.

    I want RESULTS.

  3. But it really is the DoJ’s offices to handle or relegate to a Special Prosecutor.  But the fact that he said it should happen and that it will eventually happen is still encouraging — just coming out and saying it is at least a commital, since so many do not have the courage to do even that!

  4. figure out what a couple of French people are saying in my essay thread.  

  5. for the “lift.”  Interesting, to say the least, isn’t it?

  6. Ou es toi en cette moment — je vraiment a te besoins — j’ai un petit problem avec cette Monseur, Rusty!  Je demands que tu m’aides tout de suite!  

  7. I`m I any help?


  8. j’ai puis comprend beaucoups, merci a la Madame Edmonds en le lycee Catholicque. lol.

    butchered no doubt mais je puisez user la babelfish, non?

    ha ha ha

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