Keith Olbermann: US Must “Move Forward” with Torture Accountability Now

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From Keith Olbermann’s Special Comment on why a better future for the United States must begin with a criminal investigation into who is responsible for the Bush administration torture memos.

To read the full transcript, please see this page.


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    • Edger on April 18, 2009 at 10:39 pm

    Let’s see some “real” moving forward. For a change.

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  1. Wanted to post Olbermann last night, but “coding” would not allow me.  (I think you mentioned once that we could not post MSNCB videos.)  

    But, it seems you have found a way!  

    Anyway, I thought Keith Olbermann’s comments were spot on — he really did not want to “hurt” the President, with his comments, nonetheless, he expressed his concerns.

    This is the way WE need to pursue our issues and concerns.  Preface it with understanding — then, “move forward!”  (LOL!  Well, a little bit!)

  2. The man’s a human teakettle boiling over with the collective anger of America, but he sure knows how to turn a phrase. Frankly, I think he’d make a better statesman at this point than a talking head on TV.

    I think he should run against Pete King. LOL!

  3. for once I was able to watch a long video the whole way through w/out the computer crashing.  Thanks, Edger, for embedding this one.

    “Just following orders” — mot a good excuse.  I thought the Nuremburg trials invalidated that decades ago.

    Guess I was wrong.  Obama has so much potential to be a great president…but he maybe is too inexperienced, or too naive, to go for the jugular when he needs to.

    And, imho, he needs to.

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