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During his tenure as Chancellor, Chamberlain emerged as the most active minister of the government. In successive budgets he sought to undo the harsh budget cuts of 1931; he also took a lead in ending war debts, which were finally cancelled at a conference at Lausanne in 1932. In June 1933, Britain hosted the World Monetary and Economic Conference. Describing the event as the “most crucial gathering since Versailles”, top U.S. newsmagazine Time featured Chamberlain on its cover, referring to him as “that mighty mover behind British Cabinet scenes, lean, taciturn, iron-willed… It is no secret that Scot MacDonald remains Prime Minister by Prime Mover Chamberlain’s leave.”[5] In 1934, he declared that economic recovery was under way, stating that the nation had “finished Hard Times and could now start reading Great Expectations.” However, from 1935 on, financial strains grew as the government proceeded on a programme of rearmament.

Quote from the Wiki page, emphasis mine.

Nine Mothers of Heimdall on pogo sticks, and people say MY religion is a doom-and-gloom formulaic trope to be avoided…! Tell you what, folks, Ragnarok is a walk in the park compared to what’s coming if we keep on keepin’ on with the formula THESE rich fascist bitches keep throwing at us every third fucking generation.

Shitfire, at least in Asgard and Vanaheim we have beer and occasionally good music. (OK, occasionally LOUD music…)

I would prefer not to have to pick up dead heroes in this lifetime, folks. I have a bad back and I want to spend my dotage sitting on my fat valkyrie ass brewing mead and patting the little computers on the head.

Nip this Formula for World War III shit in the bud. Right fucking now. There ARE some of us who were paying attention to something else other than the cute guy two desks ahead of us in high school history class. I HAVE SEEN THIS SHIT BEFORE, and you can take that any way you like it.


  1. …Einstein says so…

    …Oppenheimer said so…

    …I say so…

    Evolution demands it be so!!!

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