Fanning the Fools and Flames


I love my job. It’s like Pavlov’s dogs. After a while you don’t actually have to throw red meat at them they just start salivating, barking and going berserk merely by tinkling the bell of jingoist propaganda and flickering images of patriot-fairies dancing in their heads.

How ironic; each village was supposed to have one idiot and now we have entire villages full of them. It’s not their fault really. It’s like rats on a treadmill. You ever wonder why they use so many lab rats, mice and monkeys all because they’re working on a better life for human beings?

Do I have to connect the dots for you? Okay. You asked for it. But don’t take my word for it. I’m a propagandist and I work for them.


Americans are the most under-slept, overworked, stressed-out people on the planet. Yours is the most drug-dependent culture in the known galaxy. Booze and pills. Weed and smack. Do you think it’s an accident? Collateral damage of the Industrial Age? A by-product of too many preservatives and not enough nutrients? Too much MSG in the tenderizer?

Don’t make me laugh. Do you think the social management of hundreds of millions and ultimately billions of people is left to chance? You know about Bernays. PR. The perfection of propaganda as a tool of control. Manufactured Consent. The direction of thought in Universities and the Professions toward the orthodoxy of Reason. The giving of grants by philanthropic foundations to fund research and development toward military-industrial applications. There is no separation between economy and security. They are two sides of the same coin. Society is stabilized by relative prosperity and a sense of fair play. And a stable society is requisite of a free market which means a market free to plunder. The problem always comes from these blue-blooded vampires who just can’t put down the crack-pipe of one more suck at the neck of the sucker born every minute. Like taking candy from a baby. Some people are hard-wired with a killer instinct.

It takes energy to resist. And that’s why we’ve spent generations to develop and research the best ways to zap your energy. You’ve got to work. You’ve got to make your way, on your own, in the world. Family. Kids. Debts. Hot buttons of bursting emotions from unprocessed childhood frustrations. Stress. Exhaustion. Frustration. Fuzzy brains from drink, smoke and snort. Punch Drunk. Desperate. Lonely. Afraid.

And then we ring the bell.

The BORG is coming to destroy the planet. Rally around the flag. Resist assimilation which means Communism, which means property rights, which means resist the power to take your stuff. Never mind it’s always the folks with the most to lose who make the biggest stink.

Do you think it is just politics this hysteria being whipped up against the current Administration to levels of rebellion because this is the spontaneous combustion of pent-up patriotism put on hold since the Conservatives assimilated the fact Bush was a lying fraud and the furthest thing from a patriot imaginable?

Clinton was a test run for today. We’re always theorizing, experimenting and refining. Do you think experiments are not performed upon you everyday to test your reaction like rats in a lab? During the Clinton years – the last time opportunity came to use Public funds for the public – we whipped the idiots to a frenzy about drugs and murder and selling out to the illuminati United Nations, surrendering our sovereignty, rounding up resisters in NAZI-style railway cars and locking them up in camps. We got those fuckers to believe the world was going to end with Bill and Hillary. Black Helicopters. Cattle Mutilations. Crop Circles. UFOs. Conspiracy Theories. If you’re not totally exhausted by the job, the spouse, the kids, the yard, the debts, the pressure, the fear, the doubt and wondering where the fuck god is where Tooter the Turtle would have been saved by Mr. Wizard long ago, then you too can join the cavalcade of researchers to fathom the depths of dark secrets right around the corner of your desire for heroics.

When Hill spoke of the vast right wing conspiracy she knew exactly what she was talking about but, at the same time, didn’t have a clue.  

Do you know why at both America’s darkest moment and its brightest hope, its hopes are being dashed and the darkness blown into Armageddon? We can’t scare you with terrorism anymore, though that project is ongoing. But we can scare the hell out of you with a society on the brink of catastrophe. Remember? Iraq was about to blow a mushroom cloud over Manhattan in the coup-de-gras against the shining city on the hill.

Isn’t there an obvious question no one ever asks?

Are the Republicans, as the political arm of this project, and FOX, CNBC and most of the media which takes these propaganda actions and blasts them as if it’s actually news, thereby giving legitimacy and equality in the marketplace of ideas – is this project pursued for mere politics, (and this is the state of politics in 21st Century Babylon) or is the obstruction against progress and the incitement of crass patriotism and base instinct the true aim of the, uh, well, let’s call them The Planners.

What force, which calls itself America, would want to bypass debate of the issues of the day and go right to fomenting open warfare against the Government? True the village-idiot-couch-potato nation does not know how to debate rather than parrot what they’ve heard by the likes of me, so the point maybe moot, but why the MOBILIZATION of resistance against a well-meaning government? The current President did not start these wars, run up trillions in debt and allow the international banking system to BORG the Treasury of the United States.

You do understand that much don’t you?

The Treasury, which is the Public Fund, (because there is no public fund, but an ongoing accumulation of debt), borrows money from the Fed, (which is a private banking cartel), which the public is liable to pay back to private interests with interest. And then because the private banking lobby bought enough politicians to change the laws, the banks became casinos and bet all their Depositors’ (persons, institutions and municipalities) deposits (savings, retirement, investments) in a Ponzi scheme swindle guaranteed with insurance policies to save the banks from their participation in something which can only be described as acid-induced mania and egomaniacal exceptionalism which bequeaths unlimited “Get Out of Jail Free” cards.

And so the Public, because all their dough disappeared, has to bail out the banks because the people are the banks. If you don’t re-capitalize them and let the banks fail then you’d have to ask yourself this question: “How will I do in a Darwinian, Mad Max, Jungle of Dog-Eat-Dog?”

But don’t you see the elegance is breathtaking. We’re convincing the people the Government is stealing their money and not the banks. If it weren’t for the so-called bailout, trillions of dollars of new debt on top of Bush’s plunder, which is minuscule to any stimulus and infrastructure investment, then the current President’s plans would an unqualified success and Government would be a hero. A movement toward greater Public Projects would ensue. Profit would be replaced by Progress for People.

Obviously, we can’t have that. The idea of The People is great for propaganda, but in reality? No. The People are nothing but a mob to be directed. The idea of equality is some notion meant to raise an army of peasants in war between elites. Not to say the jump from bloodline entitlement to fortune-creation entitlement wasn’t a giant leap in the right direction, but let’s be honest about it. There is one immutable law of human organization. The few run roughshod over the many. The idea the many can be one and evolve some kind of egalitarian society based upon mutual respect and dignity is the same pipe-dream as world peace. Hope is nothing but the mechanism to take one’s mind off the miserable present.

And what does the present tell you? Are we on the cusp of the New Age of Aquarius? Peace, love and understanding? Is happy-shiny about to break out all over?

Don’t you see? Obama WAS Hope. And now we’re trying to make it as hopeless as possible. Obama WAS Change. And now we’re making it crystal clear it’s Business as Usual. Nothing has changed.

There is only one reason to destroy democracy and the people’s power to govern themselves. There is only one reason to wreck society at its core and throw the people into turmoil. There is only reason to foment rebellion against the current regime and encourage ignorant radicals with billions of bullets to gird their loins for the battle ahead.

It’s the same reason as always. It’s the lesson of Babel. The only good humanity is a divided and weak one. Who could possibly work toward that goal and call itself human?

What was Pavlov to the Dog?



  1. your parable/fiction is masterpiece.

    It is too strong for many, I am sure, but truth rings, babe, and you ring it like no other.

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