ACTION NEEDED, to Help Tammy and Vets

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Yesterday they had the hearing, finally, on the Tammy Duckworth and Scott Gould nominations to the Veterans Administration.

During the hearing Senator Burr, of North Carolina, stated he had some questions he wanted to pass on to Tammy in written form and have answered. I thought that very odd at the time as the reason for these hearings is to have the nominees answer questions, also if there were more than he thought his alloted time would take he had plenty of time to have already written and sent to her, this hearing had already been delayed far to long, especially as we need these personal in place with these two theaters still on going and Afghanistan ramping up.

Senator delays VA nomination for Duckworth

Well apparently he’s playing some sort of delaying game, obstructionism anyone, for only his own purposes and certainly not the veterans. Maybe sending some sort of message as to him being the senior senator from NC. He and Dole were AWOL on a whole lot of issues but especially on Military Care, i.e. Walter Reed and more, and on Veterans issues. Ask anyone here, North Carolina, how many responses they received from either staff as to requests for information or just questions.

Disabled Iraq war veteran Tammy Duckworth’s hopes of a Friday swearing-in ceremony at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to become part of the Obama administration are on hold because the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee won’t vote Thursday on her nomination.

Sen. Richard Burr of North Carolina, ranking Republican on the veterans committee, objected to allowing a vote on Duckworth’s nomination, but will allow a Thursday vote to confirm Scott Gould as the deputy secretary of veterans affairs.

Visit his site and make your thoughts known. I’ve sent him a message already as well as an LTE to the Charlotte Observer. I’ve been making a bit of noise lately as all of a sudden he seems to have remembered there re Military Bases in North Carolina as well as many Veterans of. He’s started to finally mention these in recent rhetoric, I welcome any support but don’t buy hs speak, it wasn’t there before and seems odd it is coming now.

I told him in my letters we’re watching , very closely!

Dole is gone, Burr could well be next if game playing and not representation is his politics!

But this is about helping Tammy get confirmed and sworn in and seated in the VA we need them to start correcting what hasn’t been these last 7plus years and helping us older veterans get hat they already should be getting, the help for their service!!


  1. His actions angered some veterans groups Friday.

    “Senator Burr has had plenty of time to ask questions of her,” Jon Soltz, the chairman of, an organization of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, said in a statement. “Senator Burr is only hurting American veterans with this nonsense. He should stop playing petty partisan games, stop needling the White House for the sheer fun of it and grow up.”

    Burr still has questions about Duckworth’s nomination, his office said. >>>>> Rest Here

    Great Statement Jon!!!!

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