“A Few Bad Apples . . . .” General Karpinski Speaks Out Boldly!

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General Karpinski was on Keith Olbermann’s show last night.  Her pain and passion is abundant in her voice, as she speaks of the realities about the torture and those who implemented it, and the few that have paid for it.  She speaks with strength and  conviction.


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  1. those “instructional” memos that were released — it’s been a very active week and the pressure continues to mount.

    Tips for everyone fighting the cause!

    • Alma on April 23, 2009 at 9:48 pm

    She tried to tell everyone when it happened, as I’m sure you remember Tahoe.

  2. That’s why they hung her out to dry.

    That’s why Jane Harman is getting the treatment now.

    That’s why Valerie Plame was hung out to dry.

    The person who blew the whistle on Enron was a WOMAN.

    The person who blew the whistle on Worldcom was a WOMAN.

    The reason women are not often allowed into the upper circles of the military/industrial complex is because women DO NOT TOLERATE this corrupt, amoral, sociopathic “boys will be boys” BULLSHIT.

  3. for the “uplift!”  I really needed one!  😉

  4. but especially when Liz Cheney was on teevee, talking to Norah… and that horseshit about “you do a great disservice to our fine men and women who serve honorably when you call it ‘torture'”. I felt like saying to Liz: Yah, say that to this woman’s face (Gen Karpinski’s).

    Thanks for essaying it and sharing the clip, Tahoe!

    • geomoo on April 24, 2009 at 7:29 am

    in relation to Cheney and Rumsfeld.  Damn, that interview was satisfying.

    It’s sad, though.  Her career was ruined.  From what she showed, she would have made a fine general.

    Dangerous times for honest people.

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