Will the circle jerk be unbroken

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Red light cameras don’t work.

They make mistakes. They ARE a mistake – a costly one – to any community that puts them in.

This is known to the industry, and it’s known to the populace in places where they have already been installed such as Cleveland and California.

As I write this, the Nassau County Legislature is having a last-minute emergency meeting to decide whether these cameras will be installed. The meeting comes at the repeated urging of Tom Suozzi, Nassau County Executive. He has been repeatedly told that the cameras don’t work, and he is repeatedly ignoring what he has been told.

This is yet more overblown emphasis on law enforcement which ultimately benefits corporations and government at the expense of the end taxpayer. When (not if) the cameras malfunction, causing the prosecution of innocent people, those people fight the tickets in court. This makes the legislative machinery spin and ensures that every little lawyer and judge and jurist and clerk in the system continue to have a reason to spin their hamster wheels and get paid for it.

But the County loses, because the tickets are proven to have been issued in error. The expensive machines don’t work and are a waste of money. In the end, the taxpayer loses quite literally coming and going.

One hour before the meeting which has at the time of this writing been in session for 40 minutes, I sent a fax to Diane Yatouro, my district Legislative Representative, explaining this. One hour isn’t a lot of time but I used it in a manner I consider wise. I followed up with a phone call.

That’s it for now from here. I now return you to your own respective contemplations of comparative masterpieces.

Oh, by the way, here’s Chlorosilane again. I really like this screen cap of her, so you’re stuck with it. You’re still stuck with the real deal if you live near Photocircuits, too.

UPDATE: The red light cameras were voted in unanimously by the County Legislature. Now this issue goes to Albany. If you live in Nassau County, contact your State Senators and Governor Paterson and ask them NOT to have these cameras installed. They cause more problems than they solve, and create more cost than any revenue they generate.

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