This Is What Should Have Happened: Afghanistan

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I just caught this and will say, this is what should have occurred after we invaded and rid the country of the Taliban rule, and while we went after bin Laden and al Qaeda!

Will it be to late?

I think it is already, and Hopefully I’m Wrong, Very Wrong, this time:  

U.S. civilians may join Afghan buildup

Hundreds of U.S. civilians may be sent to Afghanistan in a program to support

security, governance and local development, Obama administration officials said.

The new civilian diplomats and specialists from U.S. departments such as Agriculture and Justice, along with hundreds of “full-time, temporary” hires, would work at the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, the officials said.

Other civilians would be assigned to U.S. “provincial reconstruction teams” and to other efforts “to build Afghan civilian capacity around the country,” The Washington Post (NYSE:WPO) reported.

The new civilian force would complement 17,000 new U.S. troops scheduled for deployment this year, bringing the total to about 55,000, administration and Pentagon officials said.

At this stage of the occupation, and as Afghanistan has been ramping up in Taliban/al Qaeda numbers, destructive raids and bombings, this will be very dangerous for any civilian corps, especially a large one. One good thing,it isn’t happening under the previous administration and Hopefully will be Nothing Like What We Had In Iraq, Hopefully!!!!!


  1. I hope this doesn’t mean also an escalation in private military contractors to provide “security”.

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