The Abyss

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Economic freefall, environmental melt-down and political ponerology.


Come along for the ride. It’s free.


The peoples of the world are held hostage to greed. The structure of world government is built upon exploitation and occupation. Whether top-down or bottom-up, it’s a War Lord World. The Mad Max movies look like Saturday morning cartoons. Gratuitous and vicarious violence is fun up on the movie screen. But things are different when rape, pillage and base cruelty come to your neighborhood, as it’s coming to more and more neighborhoods around the globe.

The third world is gripped with chronic wars, famine and disease. It’s organic genocide.

The first world has collapsed. The bubble has burst. “We the people” understand we’re in a Wiley Coyote moment; that awful feeling we’ve just stepped off a cliff and there is nowhere to go but down. Jobs, homes, savings, relationships and personal psychologies slip through our fingers like sand through an hour-glass – the hour later and later.

Meanwhile the estates of wealth – politics, media and experts – tell us to practice insanity by doing the same thing over and over again leading to the same tragic result: Trust them.

But THEY are exactly to blame. What is going on here is asking foxes to build hen-houses. Thieves to design bank vaults. Tyrants to turn democratic.

What is happening now is not a deep cycle in boom and bust economics – which is what we’ve had for the last 150 years. It’s an end of an era.

The world’s economic system is a dead man walking and Obama’s policies so far, following the advice of Banksters, Shysters and Crooks – oh my – shows Obama’s failure to understand the situation. He is a prisoner to Power.

This Administration’s efforts so far are intended to save an already failed system. The free-market system has failed. The basic tenets of the system have proved, scientifically, and admitted by its chief priests to be flawed. Incorrect. Wrong. Dead wrong.

As Robert Freeman explains:

Free markets clearly cannot, will not, regulate themselves. It is precisely their innate, irrepressible propensity for sociopathic greed and predatory fraud that has brought the whole of the world’s economy to the precipice of collapse.

Free markets clearly do not align risk and reward, allocating capital to its most productive uses, as its promoters advertise. They clearly do not automatically return to equilibrium, but must be bailed out with trillions of dollars of injections from the shrinking coffers of the public to the ever-bulging coffers of a private priesthood of pillage and plunder.

And in perhaps the greatest indictment of all, one going back to its primeval roots in Adam Smith’s eighteenth century opus, The Wealth of Nations, the unrestrained behavior of self-interested individuals clearly, manifestly, does not “coalesce as if by an Invisible Hand to the greatest good for the greatest number.”

These are not peripheral premises that have failed. They are not tangential tenets. Efficient markets. Rational actors. Market equilibrium. Risk and reward. Self interest. These are the essential sacraments on which the entire free market system is founded. They are in tatters. And it isn’t that any one of them has been discredited by the glaring, merciless force of events. All of them have been. All of them together. And all of them at the same time.

The “precipice of collapse.” Not a very comfortable position to be in.

The capitalism of industrialists and financialists is an utter failure. Corporatism is anti-American and inhumane.

When a phoenix rises from the ashes is it the same bird it was before?

Don’t answer that.

Answer this: Are you happy?

Are you comfortable with the way things appear to be going? Of course you’re not.

Do you trust authority to tell you the truth? Of course you don’t.

Now let me ask you this: Do you think the American People will overthrow the authority we don’t trust as is our inalienable right?

What is so holy about failed economic theory?

Which came first the human or the coin? How come it appears our national interests rise in defense of investment, but not the human condition? Why does the “civilization of man” seem to screw man at every turn in favor of an aristocratic elite entrenched in power seemingly since the dawn of time?

Do you know why the meek inherit the earth? Because everyone else has taken off to the resorts of Alpha Centauri as Gaia is crushed by the remnants of selfishness and greed.

What’s my point today? Reputable scientists are predicting global catastrophe in the next twenty years. If they’re saying 20 years publicly, they mean within ten.

A “PERFECT STORM” of food shortages, scarce water and insufficient energy resources threaten to unleash unrest, cross-border conflicts and mass migration as people flee the worst-affected regions, the British government’s chief scientist will warn at a conference today.

It’s pretty damn discouraging. We’re a long fucking way from the Peace Dividend, aren’t we?

So, the question is this; are we going to be victims of circumstance or creators of new worlds? Are we going to continue to trust Authority’s blatherings instead of what we see before our very eyes? Will we remain the meek to inherent a dead planet or can we achieve understanding we are all humans and deserving of mutual dignity and respect and save ourselves from those fellow humans, stuck in a war lord mentality and bent upon destruction in the name of freedom?

It won’t do any good to replace our current system with any other unenlightened way.

Until humanity, in consensus, steps up to the plate of responsibility and self-determination then nothing changes and our fall into the abyss of “what might have been” continues.


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    • Edger on March 20, 2009 at 17:55

    There is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over.

    — Hunter S. Thompson

    We’ll all be able to explain it soon, I think.

  1. “shouting louder” either the biggest joke in the world, or the worlds only chance.

    Dammit, I hate being stuck barefoot on the edge of Occam’s Razor.

    Until we rise up and take to the streets like the good people of France, we have the luxury of watching our world swirl down the toilet bowls in the echoing emptiness of our foreclosed on bathrooms.

  2. The Shadow Factory.  There is an end passage about the abyss we are in.  The first half of this book is yack material which does support the official bogus account of 911 however it does reveal how the NSA is still able to  mind fuck me personally.  I indeed feel honored that the might seach engine Google has chosen to inject diversionary links to mindless crap instead of pointing to the once unique name Lasthorseman.

    This I can not recommend more highly.

  3. Ive had this sitting in my bucket for a couple of weeks I think.


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