The Absurd Possibilities of Post Bush America

The future lays before us. That has never been more true than now! (LOL)

We are balanced on the brink of two very distinct futures. A future determined by the Ruling Class, or a future determined by the other 7 billion of us.

War, Energy, Climate Crisis, the financial industry, redefining “the economy,” the broad spectrum of Human Rights issues vs the rights of corporations to exploit and oppress “workers” and/or “consumers.” The next four years are critical in determining which future we will have. Which future our children and grandchildren will have. People Power or the Corporate power of the Ruling Class. It is up to us to decide.

We are on the verge of breakthroughs in either technological or social change on every one of these issues. The majority of voters in America agree with most if not all of the Progressive Agenda on all of those issues.

So what is holding us back? What is stopping us from implementing all of these various breakthroughs?

Republicans, the Democrats who cater to and enable them and a broken Press Corpse. The Military industrial Complex, the Financial Overlords and the CEO’s and shareholders of the Oil and Insurance industries.

In other words, the Ruling Class. A tiny percentage of the planet’s population who hold the economic and political power of the world by, ultimately, the force of arms and bribery. (We like to call them Campaign Contributions here in the US of A.)

That’s right, they have the guns, but we have the numbers…but they have the will and we have the numbness, too. They are by nature, attracted to power. We are by nature, attracted to love, comfort and cable. And so, we leave them to run the world, while we just try to hang on, be left alone, and make it through another day.

All we want is to be left alone. But can we really afford that luxury with these two possible futures hanging in the balance?

We have the technology, the opportunity (after the Bush debacle) for massive change, and a President who is sympathetic and can, under the right circumstances, be worked with.

All we lack is the will to make a stand. We will never have a better chance.


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  2. should make each and every one of you feel a little more empowered.  This is quite powerful!

    h/t David Swanson

    (Psst!  Many dreams, or, er, ideas have been brought to your doorstep, they just lie there and they die there, . . . . hmmmm!  😉  )

  3. an angry mob but a movement. A movement that voted in change. A movement that has had enough Shock Doctrine to not panic and demand the the too big too fall not be empowered and wars of aggression be stopped.  Of course this is a big ship of state but if it doesn’t change it destination or course then  patience is useless. The political fictions are not believable when it’s this apparent who the government is working for. All social justice comes from demands by the people. The fierce urgency of now has never been more apt.      

    • Edger on March 28, 2009 at 21:18

    Yabbut Mr. Buhdy… we might get in trouble if we make a stand. The boss might yell at us or fire us from our peanut paying jobs if we make a stand.

    And where would we be without the crumbs, Mr. Buhdy??? Hunh? How would we eat? How could we keep working ourselves to death for zilch if we complained?

    This is horrible. It’s awful! What if they take away our crumbs?!?!? Then where would we be?!?!?


  4. of the US Armed Forces, I have one question.

    Why is this Air Force program still in operation and don’t you have the authority to stop it?

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