Swimming with Sharks

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All the money is gone. Well, there never was any money, but accounting entries which created money through the issuance of debt. Nonetheless and you can argue magicians’ tricks endlessly, but now not only is the rabbit gone but so is the magician’s top-hat.

Overnight, as though someone turned on a switch which turned off the air itself, trillions upon trillions of dollars of wealth disappeared. Overnight. Poof. Now you see it and now you don’t.

But, just as a magician’s tricks are illusions and not real so to is the disappearance, virtually overnight, of the world’s wealth. Because how can nothing disappear?


It should be clear to everyone by now that crazy Uncle Bernie’s ponzi scheme was not the Lynndie England of financial markets. Madoff is no rogue and neither was Lynndie. She was following orders. He was just playing the game. Because what Bernie knows is the entire global financial system is nothing but a house of cards and Bernie just added on a room.

It’s time to recognize our system is filled with many more criminal types than we want to admit. We want to call what is a system wide failure of personal ethics and sociopathic antipathy towards fellow human beings, a gaggle of rotten apples or a barrel of rogues or even a den of thieves, as long as it the den and not the living room, kitchen and master bath. Because whether the myriad truth unravels as a criminal conspiracy to manipulate stocks in Deep Capture or a grand-illusion Madoff/Stanford ponzi scheme or cynical home loans of enslavement to people with no income or millions of small, medium and large businesses desperate to stay in the game and skate the thin ice of spread-too-thin and cook the books and lie to shareholders – all of it is indicative of market theories gone nuts.

When will we understand the truth in platitudes? The connection between power and corruption. Between ignorance and repetition. Money and greed.

When Bernie Madoff sees how loosey-goosey the system is from on-high and formulates a scheme to fleece investors because he has no fear of oversight and accountability, is it his fault or the system’s? Greed is a known quantity. The system must be protected from men in order to safeguard the integrity of the system from men’s greed. That’s why we have regulations. A well regulated militia doesn’t mean a bunch of drunken racists down at the pub cleaning their guns. And a well-regulated financial system doesn’t mean a bunch of well-dressed loan-sharks building pyramid schemes to fuck the little guy because it’s all game and people are an abstraction and mount to nothing but figures in an equation of self-aggrandizement.

Real sharks are noble creatures. Sharks are an evolutionary success story. But human sharks, unrelenting predators of others’ life-blood, are not noble at all. Are not successes at all. Human sharks like those profiled in Deep Capture and now daily in newspapers around the world, as the corruption of the system by the manipulation of human sharks is unmasked as much more than bad seeds, rotten rogues or the pain of a misunderstood putz – shows a pandemic of corruption. Indeed, for those who have eyes to see, what the Madoffs, Stanfords, Cramers, Bank CEO Bonuses and the Paulson/Geithner/Bernanke juggernaut of Central Bank Supremacy shows is the hidden hand of world governance by a swarm of killer sharks.

While the Lynndie Englands of the financial elite are given their show trials and fed to the public in red-meat orgies of “justice” other sharks lurk just under the surface. All the money in the world has trickled up and vanished into thin air. The FED, which makes a piggy bank look like Satan, refuses to account. The chief responsibility of any banking organization is to account. But, you see, even though the American People’s grandchildren’s grandchildren have bailed out the banks and other irresponsible businesses who couldn’t compete in the marketplace without undertaking huge financial risks, the bankers REFUSE to tell us what they’ve actually done with all the loot.

One can only surmise the connections between governments, businesses and criminal cabals is so intertwined to allow sunshine is to invite death. And of course, the health of humanity requires the death of this putrid, decayed, withered, archaic model of prosperity.

And of course, when billions and trillions are at stake, when the Tyrants are faced with exposure and reckoning. When the proud men are revealed as nothing but vapid vipers, mindless reptiles without thought or reflection, then we the people can expect major violent upheaval within the enemy within. Hysteria. Fear mongering. Blame casting. A billion excuses which mask a trillion mistakes.

Prestidigitation. Sleight-of-hand. A diversion.

The time is hand for all good men to do more than nothing. It’s time for loan-shark hunting. It’s time to clean the aquarium. Change the water. And cull the parasites.

Otherwise, you’ll just end up like her: and them: and all of us. Afraid to go into the water.


  1. The Illuminati watch places are trying to establish specific dates of revolution start martial law then de-population.

    • Diane G on March 13, 2009 at 8:18 pm
    • dkmich on March 15, 2009 at 2:41 pm

    The major crack in our broken political system is that there is no justice system that applies to anyone but black males and poor people.  Lie the country into war, no problem.  Sell a bag of weed, go to jail.  Lose two trillion in Iraq, who cares.  Overpay someone unemployment, and they have to pay it back.  Sole source contracts and monogrammed towels for Blackwater are the norm for the DOD and Pentagon.  Job training programs have to get at least two quotes for “everything” they buy, including one box of pencils.  

    IF Americans have been suckers in this system of American democracy and capitalism all along, I never noticed.  Now, I’d have to be deaf, blind and dumb to miss it.

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