Michelle: “It Hurts!!”, “It Hurts!!”

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I went over to ABC News to see if they had posted a video report that I caught last night, never got to that as this is what I found, and will be airing this morning on GMA.

Exclusive: ‘It Hurts,’ Says First Lady of Military Families on Food Stamps

First lady Michelle Obama wants military families to know they have a friend in the White House, she told “Good Morning America’s” Robin Roberts in an exclusive interview today at Fort Bragg, N.C. — her first network television interview since her husband took office.

“It hurts. It hurts,” the first lady said of hearing about military families on food stamps. “These are people who are willing to send their loved ones off to, perhaps, give their lives — the ultimate sacrifice. But yet, they’re living back at home on food stamps. It’s not right, and it’s not where we should be as a nation.”

It is so refreshing to actually watch as those in this new administration, especially the First Family members, speak the words of the real needs that should have come from those in the previous administration, especially as to anything connected to our Military and their Families as we sent them into two, now long running, occupations! All they gave us, and our soldiers as well as their families, were “Go Shopping!” and ‘Magnetic Ribbons’!

And when they do you can read the dedication to those words and thoughts in the faces of those speaking, and the want to Really make a difference by doing what already should have been but wasn’t even thought of.

Mrs. Obama’s comments to ABC News followed an emotional private meeting with military families at Fort Bragg. The first lady traveled to North Carolina to hear their stories about the support services that are available to them and what can be done to better serve those who serve their country.

“I think that’s one of my jobs, is to try and shed some light on some of these issues,” she said, “to not just be in that conversation with military spouses and hear those stories, but to take that information back to the administration to share it with the nation, so that we can think again about how we can better support these families.”

Working with and for military families is at the top of the first lady’s agenda as she settles into her new role in the White House — so for her first trip outside of Washington, she chose to highlight the struggles of the nation’s servicemen and servicewomen.

The Military and their Families can really believe they have more than just a Friend in the White House, and that what wasn’t before will be fought for to be now!

Lets hope the Country follows their Lead, especially as to this generations New Veterans, it hasn’t since after World War II, and the Veterans Administration administrative offices have been nothing but political appointee’s, from the very top down, and especially these last eight years as they vigorously sent our troops into two Wars, Incompetence and Corruption Reigned!

Michelle Obama begins advocacy as first lady

First lady Michelle Obama reads to children at the Prager Child Development Center at Fort Bragg, N.C., where she met with relatives of service members.

FORT BRAGG, N.C. (AP) – The nation owes not only gratitude but tangible assistance to the nation’s military and their families, and she’ll make that a focus of her time in the White House, first lady Michelle Obama says.

Underscoring her commitment to the plight of America’s military families, Mrs. Obama used a trip to Fort Bragg as a stage for her first television interviews since the inauguration. One with ABC’s “Good Morning America” was to air Friday.

In the interview she said she wanted military families to know they have a friend in the White House.

On the local news here they showed a short clip of Michelle reading to the children. See the cute young lady standing next to her in the above pic, this is one youngster that will never forget this meeting, in the clip she seemed to be constantly talking to Michelle, touching her, and striving to savor the moment. Michelle kept smiling as she gave her answers to her questions and wrapped her arm around her. All the kids were enjoying this moment and Michelle’s reading to them.

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    • jimstaro on March 13, 2009 at 15:20

    An Open Letter to Veterans

    From Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki

    WASHINGTON (March 13, 2009) – Following is an open letter to Veterans

    from Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki:

    “My name is Ric Shinseki, and I am a Veteran.  For me, serving as

    Secretary of Veterans Affairs is a noble calling.  It provides me the

    opportunity to give back to those who served with and for me during my

    38 years in uniform and those on whose shoulders we all stood as we grew

    up in the profession of arms.

    “The Department of Veterans Affairs has a solemn responsibility to all

    of you, today and in the future, as more Veterans join our ranks and

    enroll to secure the benefits and services they have earned.  I am fully

    committed to fulfilling President Obama’s vision for transforming our

    department so that it will be well-positioned to perform this duty even

    better during the 21st Century.  We welcome the assistance and advice of

    our Veterans Service Organizations, other government departments and

    agencies, Congress, and all VA stakeholders as we move forward,

    ethically and transparently, so that Veterans and citizens can

    understand our efforts.

    “Creating that vision for transforming the VA into a 21st Century

    organization requires a comprehensive review of our department.  We

    approach that review understanding that Veterans are central to

    everything VA does.  We know that results count, that the department

    will be measured by what we do, not what we promise, and that our best

    days as an organization supporting Veterans are ahead of us.  We will

    fulfill President Lincoln’s charge to care for “. . . him, who shall

    have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan . . .” by

    redesigning and reengineering ourselves for the future.

    “Transforming any institution is supremely challenging; I know this from

    my own experience in leading large, proud, complex, and high-performing

    organizations through change.  But the best organizations must be

    prepared to meet the challenging times, evolving technology and, most

    importantly, evolving needs of clients.  Historically, organizations

    that are unwilling or unable to change soon find themselves irrelevant.

    You and your needs are not irrelevant.

    “Veterans are our clients, and delivering the highest quality care and

    services in a timely, consistent and fair manner is a VA responsibility.

    I take that responsibility seriously and have charged all of the

    department’s employees for their best efforts and support every day to

    meet our obligations to you.  Our path forward is challenging, but the

    President and Congress support us.  They have asked us to do this

    well-for you.  Veterans are our sole reason for existence and our number

    one priority-bar none.  I look forward to working together with all VA

    employees to transform our department into an organization that reflects

    the change and commitment our country expects and our Veterans deserve.

    “Thank you, and God bless our military, our Veterans, and our Nation.”

    Signed: Eric K. Shinseki

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