Iraq: Military to Withdraw{?}, Media Retreats!

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War, And Results Of, Fast Becoming A Non-Issue!!

US Withdrawing as Media Retreat from Iraq – 03.03.2009


Last week, President Barack Obama fulfilled one of his campaign promises to the US electorate when he laid out his public plan to have the US military withdraw from Iraq by 2010. While some have bristled at Obama’s decision to leave 50,000 troops stationed in Iraq for support and advisory roles, the reaction from Iraqi citizens has been for the most part positive. Even the Mujahideen Central Command of Rafidain, an Iraqi resistance group based in Baghdad, released a statement warmly congratulating Obama for his plan.

If you were to judge only from the press coverage in Europe or the United States, you might gather that the conflict in Iraq is all but over and done with. Newspapers, broadcasters, and even wealthy satellite news agencies are all cutting back on their foreign reporters, and the Iraqi bureaus full of producers, editors, and reporters are first on the chopping block….Read More Here


    • Edger on March 4, 2009 at 19:23

    the boxes that come back on the planes will only contain pretend bodies, and people in Iraq will just pretend to die?

    And we can pretend to see change?

    • TST on March 5, 2009 at 03:08

    the installation of the barricades and political hay was made over the reduction in violence.

    The occupiers could not care less what the Iraqis want or don’t want. It’s what plays well back home that matters to them.

    Substitute Afghanistan for Iraq and we have the same scenario.

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