Humans Vs, The Machine

Let’s start here….with pissing you off.

Attacking Barack Obama, blaming Barack Obama, making Barack Obama the focal point, simply thinking that Barack Obama, all by himself, can magically…

….Defeat The Machine… is counterproductive. And frankly, stupid.

Barack Obama is not the MIC, is not the Financial Sector Robber Barons, is not the Justice Department, is not the Congress…..Barack Obama is NOT The Ruling Class. Barack Obama is not The Machine.

And it is The Machine that is our ‘enemy.’

It is The Ruling Class that runs the Machine, not Barack Obama. The Machine existed long before Barack Obama. And unless WE (not just Barack Obama) defeat The Machine it will be here long after.

Barack Obama cannot defeat The Machine on his own, he needs allies. He is not going to find those allies in The Ruling Class. So who does that leave???

If WE want an ally in a powerful position on OUR Fight Against The Machine, how does transferring our outrage at The Ruling Class on to Barack Obama advance our goals?

That is falling into a trap, a wedge trap, a divide and conquer trap, a smoke and mirrors for the Ruling Class to hide behind trap.

It may be satisfying to have a single person as the enemy, it may be mentally convenient to focus our ire at a single personified target.

I am not going to talk about what Obama has or has not done right or wrong. That is not the issue. The issue is Humans vs. The Machine. People like you and me vs. The Ruling Class.

It is a Class War. A war between 7 billion humans who want to live in peace and a small coterie of the Power Elite who are only interested in power and profit……to the extent that they will allow the planet to become uninhabitable through Climate Crisis and kill billions of us to pursue their self-interest.

If you blame THAT on fucking Barack Obama, if YOU fall for that trap……they win. If you make it about US vs. Barack Obama……they win.

It is up to US, it is up to YOU to fight The Machine. How does making someone who AT LEAST makes noises about being on our side help that at all, in any sense, in any way? We can try to make him an ally, or we can make him THE enemy. Thus ignoring the real enemy and allowing them to continue their destruction.

Barack Obama is NOT going to defeat The Machine by himself. It is up to US to do that.

Use your power and energy to fight the REAL enemy, The Machine.


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  1. I am NOT telling you to STFU, I am not telling you to not criticize him…I am not telling you to do anything….except get your priorities straight and remember who the REAL enemy is.

    I am telling you to


    the urge to fall into their trap of personifying their evil in his visage.

  2. he is the best and only hope we have for getting something  better. But we should always remember that politicians are always going to disappoint you. It is in the nature of being a good politician that you can not make everyone happy all the time, the best you can do is make everyone about the same level of unhappy.  

  3. Of our choices available for president, who would have been better? Who would have done things differently?

    Any of the Republican candidates would have been worse and I doubt anyone other than Kucinich, and maybe Edwards as a long shot, would have done much, if anything, different. Obama and Clinton both had approval from corporate America and the investing class.

    Here’s Warren Buffett explaining his support for both Clinton and Obama on CNBC in December 2007:

    Becky:  If you had to pick one or two of the most important issues for why you’re supporting both these candidates, where would you go?

    Buffett:  Well, I think they both understand what’s made this country as prosperous as it is.  They are not going to kill the golden goose.  Every now and then you get a candidate you think does not understand that.  They know we’ve got a wonderful country and we’ve got a wonderful economic machine.  So, they will build on that, but they will look to an America, in my view, that makes more people share in that prosperity, without in any way dampening it.

    They have the view that 300 million Americans in a country with $45,000 of GDP per person ought to have decent healthcare, ought to be progress made in education.  And I think they both share the view that we need to .. more respect around the world.  I think this country has really lost its moral leadership around the world.  And I think that both of them, either of them, will restore it.

    Buffett’s probably correct in his assessment. Obama thinks America has a “wonderful economic machine” and will do nothing that Buffett would see as killing his “golden goose”.

    Obama was a candidate of change, but not of revolution. The change was from Bush, not from the socialized-risk capitalism that’s been in place all my adult life.

    Why is anyone surprised or even disappointed by this? Did anyone actually believe the Republicans when they tried to paint Obama as a socialist or Marxist?

    Obama has been performing as expected. The Republicans hope he’s a one-termer. Obama is there to soak up all the hate of the system, all the rage against the machine, and then be shown the same door as Jimmy Carter was shown.

    This is how America’s ruling elite has worked in the past and I doubt they’ve changed since 1980.

    My hope is that Obama may surprise some of his skeptics that supported him once. Maybe he’ll even be allowed to keep his job. But listening to him, I think he knows he only has four years to work.  

  4. “pick your fights”… I agree Buhdy, Obama is not The Enemy. Neither is he The Messiah.

    Imagonna use the term “we” rather loosely here… we, the have-nots, we do not have the Money Power. We have to look at where we can find our power, and choose to use it, catalyze it, wisely.

    Choose being a key word. Not knee-jerk “react”, not rage / outrage – determined ACTION. Yes, rage motivated perhaps but  ACTION has to be much more…. calculated.

    Buhdy, I went youtubin’ and looked/listened to Rage Against The Machine vids… too violent for my taste but good for the rage.

    It has to be tempered.

    • Edger on March 30, 2009 at 10:00 pm

    All he can do is accommodate the machine, if he wants to remain president. Or remain alive?

    Eisenhower explained why, on his way out the door.

    The machine is too big now…

  5. might have a chance to defeat it.  

    I am not going to talk about what Obama has or has not done right or wrong. That is not the issue.

    What Obama has done right or wrong is an issue with me.  We can criticize Obama AND fight back against the Ruling Class, it’s not an either/or proposition.  We can be outraged at the Ruling Class AND angry at Obama about one of his policies, that isn’t transferring our outrage, it’s defending progressive principles.  

    Not applying pressure on Obama from the Left because he’s a Democrat is the trap we need to worry about falling into.  

  6. 1.  I think that it’s possible that Obama might have thought by keeping some of his “enemies’ close that they might have been dissuaded from waging too, too much of a battle against his efforts.  I would bet you that if you could “hear” his most private thoughts, he would probably concede that his experiment in bi-partisanship has failed in its purpose.

    2.  The Machine has tons of money, thus, tremendous power.  Although the current slipperiness of the economy may serve to weaken them in some ways, The People cannot compete in terms of money, the only way The People can compete is in the NUMBERS of them.

    3.  Another thought I have is that Obama is simply on “overload” right now and trying to sort it all out, while being fought by The Machine.  Just look, not one single Republican has come through for the Stimulus Recovery Act.  Not one! Just one example.  But, also, he is at a disadvantage right now with monumental problems, this is the perfect time for The Machine to block his efforts during this extremely vulnerable time.

    I am not attempting to exonerate Obama entirely, but I am attempting to view the circumstances in a “true”  light.  And trying to lay blame on Obama for each and every thing in terms of current directions is, I don’t believe, a just position.

    On the other side of the coin, as I suggested the other day, addressing our disapproval with the direction of so many things directly to Obama, without laying the blame on him, is one way in which we can and should be heard.

    Finally, this from Winter Rabbit’s essay,

    They should have let Splitting the Sky arrest Bush.

    Splitting the Sky broke through the police line and advanced alone to arrest George Bush. He got 2 to 3 feet into the Center. He pushed his way through the police line with his hands over his head yelling, “I am not touching anyone”. They surrounded and pounced on him. He was brutalized, arrested and beaten over and over again in the police van and jail cell. He was kept for 24 hours and released on $500 bail. He sustained serious bodily injuries, including a partial concussion and a massive hernia. . . .

    My response:

    Thank you for this, Winter Rabbit!

    It seems that any brave soul that makes an effort to do something pays a dear, dear price, while they actually should be backed up by thousands of people helping that person.  Everything, but everything, is so perverse these days!

    Every effort NEEDS backing!  That’s the part that’s up to us.


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