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Johnnie’s Got a Gun

There is something very disturbing about this – I don’t think kids this young should be shooting guns, let alone from a pony.  I found it on the Western Shooting Horse website.  Probably not a good spectator sport.  




Bop Gun


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  1. who knew rednecks like these guys could be liberals?  Heh.

  2. I have to confess that my husband recently acquired a hand gun for personal safety reasons.   I am highly averse to having lethal weapons in my home – but I feel somewhat better knowing that the gun and ammunition are locked in a safe.  The fact that he felt it necessary to buy it speaks to the trouble our society is in / or about to be in.   {Aside:  We live in Oakland – a city that ranked 5th in  crime in 2008 and our neighborhood is not too far from the drug/gang areas. We are also worried what will happen if a major earthquake hits and we have to fend for ourselves for a few days.}    In order to help me feel more comfortable and teach me how to use it (god forbid the need arise) my husband gave me a gun safety and shooting lesson last night.  I was scared just to pick it up, but I made myself learn how to check if it’s loaded, how to load and unload bullets, and finally how to fire it.  Dayyum – I have to say even with earplugs and headphones it was LOUD!  I had a bad experience with a champagne bottle as a teenager and ever since I just about jump out of my shoes at any loud popping sounds.   So shooting the gun was not good for my nerves.  No matter what, it surprised me each time I squeezed the trigger and the round went off.   I practiced a dozen shots or so and then I gave up. Definitely not my idea of fun.   Maybe I will try it once a year just to stay familiar with it.  

    OK – so this is why I was a little gun obsessed today.  

  3. is shooting blanks. I go to those riding and western shows quite a bit to talk pictures. There is really fuck all for young folks to do in so many small towns and rural communities. I would rather see them at these shows than cooking meth or getting pregnant.

  4. My husband and I are both pro 2nd-amendment. Shortly after we married and after some discussion, we carefully selected THE (as in one) gun for our household. We both have decent range time with it. It’s officially for deer hunting, should we ever go that route. Unofficially, it’s for whoever dares to cross our threshold without our express permission or a legal warrant.

    My husband is also a martial artist and we have a weapons cabinet with all the stuff for his fencing, re-enacting, kung fu, etc. Most of it is for martial arts and therefore isn’t the kind of stuff designed to really put a hurt on someone, but there are a few pieces – antiques he inherited from his fencing master, stuff like that – that I wouldn’t want to be facing from the business end.

    And we both have a sharp blade which is never used for any form of live combat. As we have THE gun, we also each have THE sword. These blades were specifically for a part of our traditional Asatru wedding ceremony called “The Exchange Of The Blades”; where we pledge to defend each other to the death, and in that spirit gift our spouse with a blade for that purpose. My sword, purchased in April of 2001 in the presence of my then-fiancee, is a replica of the one used in the Xena, Warrior Princess TV show. While I have been fencing since I was 19, this was the first sword with an edge on it that I ever owned. The truly scary thing about this blade is that it is perfectly sized and balanced for a person my size and height. My husband’s is a type of German sword used by the Landsknechts with the rude nickname of “Katzbalder”, or “cat gutter”. As with my blade, his is perfectly sized and balanced for him.

    We also have our bows – recurves, wooden shafts, no hunting broadheads. It’s all target shooting under the auspices of the SCA, the medieval re-enactment group we belong to.

    Before there were guns and ponies, there were bows and ponies and we were lucky when the time came to be able to choose from two of the best, historically accurate horsebow makers on the planet. My bow is a Scythian replica made by the Hungarian bowmaster Grozer Csaba. I have named it “Dacious”, because I am a horrible wiseass.

    My husband’s is Mongolian horse bow made by another Hungarian, Kassai Lagos, to match his Kara-khitan SCA persona. His elfin little daughter shoots a longbow – rather well, I might add.

    Weapons can be used for offense or defense, legally or illegally. My husband and I are of the philosophy that while not everyone is called to the martial arts for ethical or moral reasons, those who are have a deep and abiding responsibility to excel at their chosen path; in the event that the unethical and immoral begin to prey on their particular corner of society. We prefer the rule of law… anyone who has seen my postings here knows how WELL we desire the rule of law to return! But we do not take it’s presence for granted, and in the event that the rule of law is subverted or ignored, we are prepared to defend ourselves and those around us who might require it.

    If weapons don’t make you comfortable, by all means, eschew them. It’s a free country, and no one should feel that they have any form of obligation to do this. A person who is not comfortable with a weapon should find another way to defend themselves that works for them, if any. The ideal state of being is that no one should feel so unsafe that they need to think in these directions at all.

    However, my husband and I both hail from a long and honorable lineage of military families. We are the kind of people who, if push came to shove, would be infinitely more comfortable with a weapon in OUR hands than in someone else’s. ;-7

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