Goldman Sachs: public enemy

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What is the main difference between the destructive potential of Al Qaeda and Goldman Sachs? Answer: the former investment bank has inflicted far more damage on the American taxpayer and the world economy. Bin Laden has killed more people outright, but he never succeeded in thoroughly corrupting the American government and transforming it into a looting operation for the benefit of a few hundred Wall Street gangsters.

Consider the spectacular successes in Goldman’s attack on America:

1. Placement of Goldman “alumni” in the most critical positions of power, including Bush’s White House chief of staff and the secretary of the Treasury.

2. Escaping unharmed from a massive financial meltdown that it helped to engineer. Goldman traders actually placed bets on the default of the same shoddy securities they sold to the market.

3. Continuing to secure massive payments through the US treasury. Several of the current Treasury secretary’s closest advisers are ex-Goldman Sachs personnel. Goldman’s influence has secured billions of taxpayer funds funneled through AIG to make good rotten investments.

4. Preserving, in the face of deep involvement in every destructive aspect of the current economic collapse, the reputation of an ethical and reputable business.

Look at the surreal events surrounding Goldman Sachs. As financial titans crumble all around it, Goldman is unmolested, receiving billions in taxpayer handouts without any interference in its management or policies. Effectively, Goldman Sachs is running the bailout operations of the US Treasury as a subsidiary. They no longer need to fear the US Government losing confidence in Goldman Sachs; we need to fear Goldman losing confidence in the US government.

Is this squalid humiliation of the US Government at the hands of a gang of Wall Street hustlers the picture of the American Republic the Founders imagined over 200 years ago? Is this really what our nation has become – a helpless victim of corporate predators?

Goldman Sachs believes in one thing and one thing only: maximizing the financial returns of its top executives. This company should be de-chartered, disbanded, and publicly denounced as an example of destructive greed to stand forever in American history. We have seen the ugly face of rampant greed in the American financial industry, and its name is Goldman Sachs.


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  1. One can actually imagine Cheney modeling Halliburton behavior on GS’s… perhaps Halliburton is the GS of the defense world.

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