French workers seize HQ, hold company execs hostage

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Every time the French get a little irked, they shout “To The Barricades!” and do stuff like this, while we get whipped and snivel “Oh please sir, might I have just a bit more gruel?” And that, my friend, is why the frenchies have a 38-hour work week and get to spend the whole month of August lying on the Med beaches, while we have whatever the heck it is we have ….…

Hundreds of French workers, angry about proposed layoffs at a Caterpillar office, were holding executives of the company hostage Tuesday, a spokesman for the workers said.


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    • Edger on March 31, 2009 at 19:14

    What’s the matter with them? Don’t they know? That if they had determination and worked their French asses off for years and quit bitching and complaining that they too could be successful, just like in America, and spend the whole month of August lying on the beaches?

    Oh, never mind. They’ll never get it…


  1. and that means right here, rigth now…….

    fuck yelling,we need to begin to shake the trees…….

  2. The French have seen this sort of thing before… a few times. ;-7

  3. Liberte, Egalite. Fraternite!!!

  4. throttling bankers and hanging them from lampposts if Geithner’s Nuclear Option goes through. See it at Baseline Scenario’s blog at

    Every banker will be a Bernie Madoff soon.

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