Damn Those Welfare Queens: Health Care

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Imagine vice presidents, Board of Directors, and stock holders all cashing in on denying you benefits while collecting your premiums.  If you are uninsured, try calling any one of the 23 CEOs listed below and see if they will give you free insurance.  

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This is a list of 23 health companies found on Forbes.com, what the CEO was paid in 2005, and the average paid to the CEO in the past five years.

United Health Group

William W McGuire

2005: 124.8 mil

5-year: 342 mil

Forest Labs

Howard Solomon

2005: 92.1 mil

5-year: 295 mil

Caremark Rx

Edwin M Crawford

2005: 77.9 mil

5-year: 93.6 mil

Abbott Lab

Miles White

2005: 26.2 mil

5-year: 25.8 mil


John Rowe

2005: 22.1 mil

5-year: 57.8 mil


Kevin Sharer

2005:  5.7 mil

5-year: 59.5 mil


Edwin Ludwig

2005: 10 mil

5-year: 18 mil

Boston Scientific


2005: 38.1 mil

5-year: 45 mil

Cardinal Health

James Tobin

2005: 1.1 mil

5-year: 33.5 mil


H. Edward Hanway

2005: 13.3 mil

5-year: 62.8 mil


Henri Termeer

2005: 19 mil

5-year: 60.7 mil


Michael McAllister

2005: 2.3 mil

5-year: 12.9 mil

Johnson & Johnson

William Weldon

2005: 6.1 mil

5-year: 19.7 mil

Laboratory Corp America

Thomas MacMahon

2005: 7.9 mil

5-year: 41.8 mil

Eli Lilly

Sidney Taurel

2005: 7.2 mil

5-year: 37.9 mil


John Hammergen

2005: 13.4 mil

5-year: 31.2 mil


Arthur Collins

2005: 4.7 mil

5-year: 39 mil

Merck Raymond Gilmartin


2005: 37.8 mil

5-year: 49.6 mil

PacifiCare Health

Howard Phanstiel

2005: 3.4 mil

5-year: 8.5 mil


Henry McKinnell

2005: 14 mil

5-year: 74 mil

Well Choice

Michael Stocker

2005: 3.2 mil

5-year: 10.7 mil


Larry Glasscock

2005: 23 mil

5-year: 46.8 mil


Robert Essner

2005: 6.5 mil

5-year: 28.9 mil

TOTAL 2005: 559.8 mil

TOTAL 5-Year: 14.9 billion

BTW: 10% of 14.9 billion is 1.4 billion. If basic insurance costs $8,000/year for a family then taking 10% from just these CEO salaries would insure 35,000 Americans a year for five years. That is a lot of people that can be helped just by 23 men. Looking at the companies as a whole that profit from health care, we can probably pay for every uninsured person in this country for decades to come. Link

The numbers are overwhelming, which is why we need to do something about this while we can.  Yesterday, I sent this list to Obama and my three federal officials with a short note explaining that this is exactly why we need single payer.  Those of you who are struggling to pay for your medical services and generic medicines, please make your voices heard about how our health care dollars are allocated.  


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    • dkmich on March 5, 2009 at 00:58

    not mandated universal health insurance.  

  1. a money suck hole as the ‘defense’ industry. 8,000 a year most don’t have. How insane is it to have extortion (nice life you have be a shame if you get sick)cost more then feeding yourself. As a small business owner and I mean small, we can not afford insurance and eat or stay in business. I don’t want to pay an insurance company any money at all. They have nothing to do with health and everything to do with turning our medical system into a freakin’ nightmare. Last time I went to the ER, I said to the nurse practitioner I need to find a good doctor, her reply if you find one call me and give me their name. Meanwhile I have to hope I don’t fall on a big spike and end up in their hands with my life ruined if and when they ‘heal’ me. We need a heath care system that actually deals with heath, not a system that is in league with big pharma, and has lost all touch with healing.

    • dkmich on March 6, 2009 at 00:51
  2. Attending health choice day, Globo-Corp’s annual sign up for the ideal medical insurance plan of your choice.  At the peak there were five insurers to choose from.  Plus from each insurance company usually two actual live people would be on hand to talk to you about their specific plans.

    They would also hand out telephone book sized packets listing doctors,hospitals and covered procedures.

    The last “health choice” day consisted two pages of “choices” between 80/20 or less plans,zero United Health Care “benefit consultants”.  Two months into this New Plan Globocorp declared it was “improper use of company computing equipment” using emails to alert your co-workers how not to get screwed by United was verboten.

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