Call To Action: April 4th March on Wall Street!

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What will the police do?

Will they protect Wall St.?

Or will they be sympathetic to us?

Only one way to find out.

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April 4th it’s on motherfuckers!

(See below the fold for details!)


Please check back here periodically for more details and any changes.

United For Peace and Justice has negotiated with the NYC Police Department and we have been given permits for the following plans for our mobilization on April 4.

Assembly Time: 11:00 AM

Assembly Location: Leonard, Franklin and White Streets, between Broadway and Lafayette St.

This is just south of Canal Street and close to several subway stops.

Canal Street stops on the

J, M, Z lines at Centre Street

6 line at Lafayette Street

N, Q, R, W lines at Broadway

A. C, E lines at Sixth Ave.

Franklin Street stop on the 1 line, at Varick St.

Please check back here right before April 4th and we will post any changes in subway service for April 4th.

Contingents: Check back for updates on additional contingents. If you are interested in organizing a contingent please let us know as quickly as possible:

Veterans, Military Families and Others Associated With the Military — Leonard Street

Labor — Leonard Street

Students and Youth — Franklin Street

March Step Off-Time: 12:00 PM noon

March Route: South on Broadway to Stone St., East on Stone to Broad St., North on Broad to Wall St. This route is a little less than 1.5 miles and takes us through the heart of the financial district, ending right in front of the NY Stock Exchange.


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