3 Million Hit The Streets To Protest The Economy

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Sorry to say, those 3 million people are in France, not the US. Why is it that the French hit the streets while we Americans don’t?  Like the writer of the piece says, “France is France.” I wish Americans hit the streets more often. It might not fix anything in the long run (though it just might), but it sure beats huddling in front of our teevees and just “taking it,” which is what we’re all doing now. If the AIG bonus nonsense was happening over in France, I guarantee there would be about 1.5 bazillion pissed off frenchies outside the corporate HQ setting up Madame Guillotine. As to why we Americans don’t get out there like the French do, I suspect it’s a side effect (a planned side effect?) of the whole “rugged individualism” myth, that toxic, retrograde aspect of the American character that says: I got mine, screw everybody else, and anyway “solidarity” starts with a “s” and so does that there “socialism”, so it’s gotta be bad fer ya.


Why is it only in France that such demonstrations are taking place?

After all, it is people the world over who are bearing the brunt of the recession. But they are not on the street.

The answer is simple. France is France. It has its own political and social codes, forged in the Revolution and over the course of two turbulent centuries.


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    • Viet71 on March 19, 2009 at 10:55 pm

    in terms of geography and population.

    The evil fucks here in the U.S. understand that we are divided and diverse.  They play us like a violin or piano.

    Does Obama play us?

    I’ll leave that to you.

  1. is a stronger more active trade union movement and more class consciousness/awareness. We have none of that here in the US. And maybe the French are just cooler than us.

  2. of interest!


  3. ACORN asked to talk with bankers at Wells Fargo, recipients of 25 billion in taxpayer money.  More pics on my blog.  


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