The Party of No ……WILL Happily Kill the Economy

The Party of No.

The party of No ideas. The party of No substance. The party of No solutions….except the ones that put the economy on the Death Watch it now enjoys. Even though no one BUT the Party of No is enjoying it.

They have nothing. Nothing but No.

Oh wait, they do have something….spin. And they are….amazingly, considering the last eight years….winning the spin. As usual. And as usual, they are winning the spin because the clueless media is STILL Listening to them. DESPITE the fact that is is the Party of No who got us into all of this.

The media are treating the Party of No as if they have something to offer …..besides No.

The Republicans are desperate for relevance. The only way they can get it is through the media (since they have NOthing of substance to offer, politically) is to give the media a story that contains drama and conflict and outrage. The only way that they can remain relevant is to say….No.

And if No keeps them in the news, they will keep saying no. No, all the way down. Even if it means killing the economy.

And then they will try to blame it on the Democrats. And the media, pundits, and Villagers (also desperate to stay relevant) will buy it.

There are two choices then. Either Obama can rally the troops and mount an offensive….or let the Republicans kill the stimulus bill, proving once and for all that they are the ones putting politics ahead of the interests of the country. And then try to win the spin on that as the Repubs attempt to snooker the media again.

Obama created this problem through his attempt at bipartisanship. He made the Repubs relevant enough for the media to listen to….instead of destroying them while they were down. It IS politically safer to have Republican support for such a bold, expensive stimulus….theoretically. That way….theoretically…the Repubs could not attack him and the democrats on it. But as we in teh blogosphere know….the Repubs will ALWAYS attack. Regardless of truth, integrity, facts and all of the other metrics that people NOT in the Party of No refer to as reality.

The story in the media has to be the Party of No obstructing Obama as he tries to rescue the economy from the damage THEY did to it. Obama has to win the spin. Otherwise the Party of No… WILL, happily, allow the economy to die….merely so they can remain relevant in the media.

If, as many in the blogosphere have speculated, Obama is ignorant of the depths of Republican destructiveness and dishonesty…and now desperation, he is getting his education. The Party of No is NOT acting in good faith. There simply cannot be bipartisanship if the other half of the ‘bi’ is not acting in good faith. The Party of No is not.


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  2. If they kill the economy, then will they get the theocratic feudalism they want?

  3. The Party of No is NOT acting in good faith.

    And they have never acted in good faith…at least, not since I can remember…and I remember Nixon.

    We need to destroy them.  How?  I haven’t a clue.  But the Grand Obstructionist Party needs to be reduced to a flyspeck in a footnote of history so that this country can move on.

  4. he makes and be able to point to him as a failure in order to take it all back in 2012, with their neocon Queen.  And, it has all begun on many, many levels, not just on the economic stimulus package.

    I’m sure you’ve heard this one:

    President Obama has a plan to create or save 3 million jobs. But did you hear what Rush Limbaugh said?

    “I hope he fails.”

    I have had about six e-mails today urging action to call Senators and urge them to support the economic stimulus package  — most in a desparate way.

    Unfortunately, the huge corporations are mostly all Republicans and their wealth spells power, so they can “buy” many things.  We need to turn our backs on the voices of Republicans and their corporate monsters.  Whatever it takes to reduce their power, hence their voices.  Probably won’t happen, though.  And people will continue to buy their wicked rhetoric.

    (On a good note, Michael Moore’s site has picked up on Appointing a Special Prosecutor — See Do Something [I had e-mailed them about 3 weeks ago, but nothing happened], and David Swanson has it up again on his site and sent out an e-mail to sign and call representatives today.)

    • robodd on February 5, 2009 at 2:33 am

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