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“If stuff hasn’t worked and people don’t feel like I’ve led the country in the right direction, then you’ll have a new president.”

Obama’s statement is refreshingly bold for a politician, who rarely take responsibility for anything. Anything that fails that is. I’m positive that statement made people on the brink of losing everything feel like Obama himself is risking everything in his personal life too. This week he repeatedly made sure the blame for the current situation lay directly on the previous administrations lap. These darn bad guys messed us up, and you and I have it all on the line, folks!

Brilliant framing all around, doncha think?

However, he reserves the right to say, in the future, “Well the Republican’s way brought us here, the Democrats tried to restructure the economy with a bill and the Republicans watered it down with more of the same, and that’s why it failed. Now lets try it our way.” I predict within a year we will be hearing THAT speech. Pass the buck one-oh-one. Always leave yourself an out.

Mandatory lyric:

(…set up like a bowling pin,

knocked down,

it gets to wearing thin…)

The truth of the matter to me? He has been hard selling a watered down bill, yes, but rather than push the one we asked for; he is setting up the Republicans for more fall-guy blame. He is Campaigning already.

A new president, indeed.

Careful what you wish for, my man. You may get it. This summer, as the down-slide continues, Fox News will replay that clip until the data itself turns into digital dust. The American Public is A.D.D. and used to instant gratification. No tickee, no laundry. Its all about the now and we don’t wait well. Especially hungry. We want scapegoats, and you offered your ass up like a sacrificial lamb. Duuude.

So if we trust you, trust this bill, what do we do?

The market is a construct of confidence. Be the first on your block to go out and buy the newest Blackberry, with “track your friends by map” technology and show it off in your new Neiman Marcus Blumarine dress, only $1,270.00 topped by the matching $2,925.00 coat, available page 123 in “The Book.” (Available March only. Really.)

If you don’t live like there is no tomorrow, there won’t be one, after all. Spend and you will get jobs. The rich have their tax cuts, it’ll all work out. Go to the Dominican Republic. Go to Jamaica. Go to Walmart. If you believe, it will all be ohhh-tay.

You have nothing to worry about, there are no more golden parachutes or bonuses for failures, just occasional back-dated “Awards.” Don’t worry though, all these Madoff wifey scandals are coming to light, just like the Banks’ CEO’s admitting they were not lending and upping your interest after the last bailout.

Be happy that we’re asking about it for a change. Its not like we are going to do anything about it, but you’ll be so shiny-distracted bitching about them, you’ll never even notice that part. Or will you? Meh, if not we can always up the news cycle with a A-Rod or J-Lo story. Americans love initial names, drugs and sexy stars. Spend, be happy, don’t think too much, ok?

Mandatory lyric:

(…She said “Carl, take all the money”

She called everybody Carl

“My spirit’s broke”

“My mind’s a joke,”

“And getting up’s real hard”….

No, no, actually the President was far more sensitive to the people than that. The spin doctors, however are still singing the mantra loud and clear. Loud and Clear Channel to be exact.

But respectfully, Mr. President? For those of us about to give up, crawl under a rock and die in despair, please don’t play the empathy for your “job” card. Your job is to worry about OUR jobs, not your own. We already KNOW about elections. We already know we get to choose who leads us.

No matter how you orate, when we see the CEO caps removed, when we see 282 BILLION of the stimulus package go to tax cuts for the rich, as opposed to only 50 BILLION for infrastructure; when the 20 BILLION for schools and Medicaid are cut, only to be given  as a raised 54 BILLION general state allowance to be spent as States see fit…..

we see yet another Politician more worried about keeping the Wealthy happy, thus his OWN job secure than OUR jobs and security.

Mandatory Lyric outro:

(….I used to sleep at the foot of old glory

And awake in the dawn’s early light

But much to my surprise

When I opened my eyes

I was a victim of the great compromise…

Our jobs are your Job One. Do it or lose it.

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