Prosecuting Bushco: Justice AND a Blow in the Class War

Note to the nervous, and people always seem to get nervous at the words “Class War” are spoken! Perhaps the greatest service McCain did in his campaign was draw the lines of the Class War. If you make under the McCain Line of $5 million a year….


Tired of Being Lectured by the Rich About Need for Austerity? Tired of “shameful,” “irresponsible” members of the Ruling Class acting like idiots….on YOUR dime?

“They don’t get it,” McCaskill said on the floor. “These people are idiots. You can’t use taxpayer money to pay out $18-billion in bonuses… What planet are these people on?”


Tired of … the richest American paying THE LOWEST EFFECTIVE TAX RATE since the IRS began giving out that data?  Tired of being declared an unlawful combatant in the Class War? Tired of the consequences of the Class War being so dire that a member of the House of Representatives has had to tell The People to defy The Banks authority to boot them into the street? Are you tired of being a pacifist in the Class War as it destroys American families and the American and world economy….because the Ruling Class is so greedy that it won’t even leave the customary crumbs on the table for the rest of us poor peons? Tired of the Ruling Class making obscene,  record profits, while children starve to death? Tired of the “two-tiered justice system” that the Ruling Class have created for themselves?

The one where they get away with starting illegal wars, torturing, looting the economy for billions of dollars, War Profiteering, (yes YOU, Halliburton) growing rich on the deaths of our (lower class) soldiers in Iraq, politicizing our government to their advantage and outting CIA agents with absolute impunity….while record numbers of the Lower Classes serve hard time for minor drug offenses or stealing bread to feed our families?

Tired of feeling helpless as Class War is waged upon you?

Then strike a blow against the Ruling Class. Strike a blow for justice. Sign the Citizens Petition: Special Prosecutor for Bush War Crimes.

Everyone knows that the Bush Administration committed War…and many other….Crimes. Even leaders of The Republican Party (the political arm of the Ruling Class) like Sen. Cornyn and Sen. Spectre, who tried to blackmail or extort a promise NOT to prosecute the Bush Administration from our soon to be Attorney General Holder. If there WEREN’T crimes, why would they try to strong arm the new AG from investigating and prosecuting them?

WE know they are guilty, (at LEAST guilty enough to thoroughly investigate) ‘THEY know’ Bush is guilty. Why then is there so much talk of “Looking Forward” and such angst about an honest AG being appointed?

Because the Ruling Class protect their own.

The only reason not to prosecute is to protect the Ruling Class from responsibility for their crimes. How does excusing yet another round of the crimes of the Ruling/Political Class from prosecution benefit anyone besides the Ruling Class?

Because Congress and the DOJ has “better things to do” than investigate and prosecute? You mean better things like bailing out The Ruling Class with tax money provided by the Lower Classes? Yeah, we better let them get to that before demanding justice….or something bad might happen to us. Like…maybe…being put under house arrest in our 7 million dollar home for stealing 50 Billion dollars….how inconvenient is that? Or maybe having to sell one of our seven houses. As the economy crashes around us….and NO ONE is held accountable for the mess they made. Yeah, nothing is more important than making sure that this system continues as it is….or people might suffer.

Thus, the most effective blow we can strike in the Class War that is being waged against us is this: Hold them accountable. Do NOT let the two tiered justice system that the Ruling Class has created to prosecute us and excuse them work this time. Demand justice. Demand accountability. Demand that the Ruling Class be held responsible for their crimes.

What suffers most in a Class War? Justice. How can we strike back in the Class War….by doing the right thing…. and show that we are not going to just lay back and take it? By fighting for justice for the Ruling Class. Not out of spite or resentment or revenge, but because IT IS the right thing to do, to hold them to the Rule of Law. To be sure that they are held equal, no more and no less, in this allegedly egalitarian democracy.

Strike a blow for equality…

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  2. What?  You mean you want the Ruling Class to pay for their crimes?

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