Nonviolently taking back our country part III – your arms too short to put the sun in a box

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For those of you who are capable of gleaning something from it, here’s the last part of my series of essays which discuss how lawless groups and cabals under the wing of the military/industrial complex (which naturally includes more than a few people who pretend they aren’t) continue to implement a formulaic plan to take away your Constitutional rights.

I mentioned in my last essay that the US has seen several iterations of “raze and rebuild” corporate strongarming across several industries in the last century. Magnates operating on a national and occasionally international level have remade assorted industries under contrived, artificially created crisis conditions. This formula differs only slightly from the one followed by the military/industrial complex in it’s expansionist efforts in Central and South America, the Middle East, Asia and elsewhere which has been responsible for almost every single war throughout the world after 1945. A fundamental part of the formula is that strong emotional causes are attached to the crisis in question – fear, greed, and religion are used as tools.

The crisis du jour is energy, and the box being constructed for us by those who would like to think they are the only ones left standing is one that continues to place a poorly functioning long-handled spoon in our hands. We are expected to take this spoon from people who state they are the only game in town, and like it.

We don’t have to. No one has to.

The latest brilliant plan on the part of the oil corporations who hold the lion’s share of resources and money is to sell the sun, the wind and the flowing river to you in a box, and pretend that they are doing you a favor. They will do so most assuredly in a manner which infers that you need them more than they need you, and that you will continue to pay them for a very long time for the long handle they have placed between you and these ecologically responsible sources of free energy.

But wait, there’s more! They haven’t quite gotten those new boxes ready yet for production all across the nation, so in the meantime they’ll hard sell the more stupid of you ludicrous fairy tales like “clean coal technology” or “clean and safe natural gas”. For the Red State holdouts and BushCo throwbacks, they’ll soothingly insist that “drill baby drill” is the only way to go.

But the echelons of upper management already know that carbon based energy is as obsolete as the horse and carriage. It wouldn’t be the first time these corporations ate their own. Hundreds of thousands of their own workers are going to have to adapt to the new programs or face the killing floor ordinarily reserved for customers, and how much preparation they’re willing to give an individual worker will determine whether that person’s own job is razed or rebuilt. The knife is already raised over the heads of those blissfully ignorant workers, they just don’t know it yet.

As for you end-users, they’ll just keep tell you anything you want to hear so long as it involves them selling you that long-handled spoon, and then they’ll try to sell you the sun in a box when the box is ready. In some places this is already happening.

The official policy is that LIPA will absorb up to 3/4 of the cost of installation of solar power equipment on a home in Long Island. All you have to give them in return is your soul all the surplus power that equipment generates for the next 40 years.

Sound too good to be true? It is.

First of all, it means you’re still tied into the grid, and you’ve become one of LIPA’s assets. Not only will you be affected if there are problems elsewhere in the grid, you’ll be hemmorhaging all your spare power into your little piece of it should your portion end up going down. You won’t necessarily stay up if the grid goes down – which really should be the point of investing in going green and solar; but which becomes a liability, an afterthought, in the box of sun that LIPA tries to sell. Independent sustainability? Viable disaster recovery? Don’t even think that’s an option if you’re still tied into the grid.

When all is operating properly, LIPA will be collecting power from your house for free. The equipment is installed by LIPA based on a fixed estimate of how much your house would use. You get to see cool bells and whistles like “negative” bills for nominal amounts up to $40.00 or so, and your meter running backwards, but ONLY LIPA ENDS UP KNOWING FOR SURE how much excess power your house is actually generating for them. They control the horizonal. They control the vertical. They have installed the long handled spoon, and you’re stuck with it.

Going completely off the grid means you have to absorb the entire initial cost of the equipment and installation yourself, to include a battery backup infrastructure which can take up a lot of room, and time and effort to maintain. However, this knowledge – this CHOICE – should be made available to those who are starting to look at green energy options, ESPECIALLY if they are concerned with sustainability/disaster recovery. It should be noted that the only brokerage house that remained up and operational during the August 2005 blackout which rolled across the entire northeastern United States was J.P. Morgan. This was because their data centers were running on completely independent, off-the-grid solar power. There is an entire building in Manhattan wired for it. Their building.

For the average end-user, access to this knowledge is not happening right now. The information is out there, sure; but it’s not as widely available as the loudly trumpeted “sun in a box” solution from large energy corporations such as LIPA.

It gains me nothing but the satisfaction of having done the right thing to point those of you who have stuck with me this far in the right direction. Here is a place where you can learn how to set yourself up on independent, sustainable solar power for $47.00.

There are several nice diaries on Orange that deal with solar power which are written by a person who’s in the industry, they are very informative. Some good books out there, too. Anyone who has anything productive to say can feel free to join in, going sustainable, green and solar is in my own plans for the future. Don’t settle for this latest scam big oil will eventually try to sell you. Educate yourselves and get ready to go green – yourselves.

Let it be hoped that in the process of hammering out the details of the stimulus package that the Obama administration sees the good sense of facilitating intelligent and AFFORDABLE energy solutions as implementable FOR AND BY the little guy, not just the big corporations. Speaking for myself, I for one have had done with the energy industry’s long handled spoons. In fact, I have had done with the things, period.

I am not who the condescending greedheads, the smirking liars, and the cowardly fearmongers say I am. I am an American citizen who has more than enough earned the right to be a free, productive and happy member of this society. The only thing dead about me is their twisted and false definition of me; I am not a cow, a sheep or any other form of domestic animal. Build a pen for me either to keep me in or to sell to me and I will NOT come; indeed, by my sacred troth to the Aesir and Vanir I will do my utmost best to kick those walls and fences and boxes down that you have tried to build for myself AND MANY OTHERS; and those of you who don’t like that are just going to have to deal with it.


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